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Papercut FAQ


Papercut for patrons

Papercut for library staff


Papercut for patrons

How do patrons print from a catalog PC?

If a catalog PC is configured to print through Papercut, it will prompt the user to give their print job a short name to identify it. When the user goes to the CPAD/cointower to release their job, they will need to select the "Card Number/Webprint User " button on the touch screen and then use the touch screen to enter the name of their job.

How long are print jobs waiting to be released held in the queue?

24 hours.

A patron printed but doesn't see the job when logged into the CPAD. Why?

After the patron prints, they will see a pop-up Print Confirmation message with details about their print job. The patron must click "OK" on the Print Confirmation pop-up to complete the print job. Then the patron will be able to release the job from the CPAD unit.

Papercut for library staff

A patron scanned their card at the coin tower and they got a message that their card was invalid. Why?

If the patron has never logged into MyPC, their card will not be recognized by the print system. There are a few ways this might have happened:

  1. The patron printed from a catalog PC that doesn't use MyPC and entered their card number to name their job (we have changed the message on the catalog PCs to ask patron to give their jobs a short name instead of using a card number to identify it).
  2. The patron printed from a PC that is logged in using a different card number than the one they are scanning at the coin tower (they may have sat down at a PC that was already logged in, or they may be trying to print something for their friend who is logged in).

The touchpad (CPAD) seems to fall asleep!

Yes -- the CPAD will time out and go to sleep after 10 minutes of no use (on 11/5 we increased this setting from 5 min to 10 min at the request of our pilot libraries). To wake it up, touch the screen.

My library uses Library Online for Print Management. How can I find out which of my users have balances in Library Online and how much those balances are?

SCLS staff will provide Library Online Print Management libraries a report with their users and balances.

When I'm logged into, what's the difference between "Print" and "Override"?

Override will print the job without charging the patron. Print can only be used to print the job and charge the patron.

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