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Enterprise Wireless Support

What does the Access Point (AP) look like?

Front: Indicator light   Back: Plugs (Console, Ethernet, and 48VDC)
Access Point (front)  

Access Point (back)

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Access Point (AP) information and troubleshooting

Indicator Light

The access point indicator light's color and behavior can mean different things:

  • Solid Blue = connected to server and clients are connected
  • Solid Green = connected to server and no clients are connected
  • Flashing Green = searching for server
    • This most commonly occurs after power or network outages, or after power cycling the AP or network equipment.
    • Wait 5 minutes for the light to go solid green.
    • If the light is still flashing after 5 minutes, call the Help Desk.
  • Flashing Red, Green, Yellow = can’t find server
    • Call the Help Desk.
  • No light = no power
    • If your AP is on a desk or shelf,
      • make sure it’s plugged in. The AP can become unplugged at the AP, at the power brick, or the power outlet.
      • For assistance, call the Help Desk.
    • If your AP is mounted to the ceiling, call the Help Desk.


The access points have 2 possible types of power, depending on the configuration at the library.

Standard Power Cable (usually used when the AP sits on a shelf or desk)

Access Point standard power cable
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Power Injector (usually used when the AP is mounted to the ceiling)

Back of AP Power injector (top) Power injector (front)
Access Point - Power Injector Power Injector Power Injector - Front
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Other information about the Enterprise Wireless service

  • The Enterprise Wireless is on the SCLS network.  If the SCLS network is down, then the Enterprise Wireless is down.
  • The Enterprise Wireless is available 24/7.  If 24/7 availability is a problem, contact the Help Desk.  Don’t unplug the Access Point to make it unavailable!
  • There are multiple wireless signals associated with the Access Point:
    • Library-Wireless = Open to everyone
    • Staff = Available to library staff with SCLS-supported laptops
For more information, contact: