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Types of Materials for Local History Digitization Projects

Types of local history materials that can be digitized and included on the Recollection Wisconsin website:

  • Visual images (photographs, slides, glass negatives, postcards, drawings, paintings, maps, blueprints, photo albums, scrapbooks)
  • Manuscripts (hand-written documents, including journals, letters, diaries, ledgers)
  • Printed text (books, yearbooks, articles, pamphlets, certificates, newsletters, reports)
  • Audio and video (oral histories, speeches, recorded music, film footage)
  • Physical objects (three-dimensional artifacts, including sculptures, textiles, housewares, clothing, tools)

(Source: Recollection Wisconsin-Digital Projects Toolkit-Project Planning )

To be included in Recollection Wisconsin, materials need to be either in the Public Domain or the copyright holder needs to grant permission to make the materials available online. (See the Recollection Wisconsin Copyright Policy)

Materials that will not be included on the Recollection Wisconsin website can be digitized for preservation purposes.

Newspaper Collections

SCLS does not support the digitization of newspaper collections. For information on newspaper digitization projects, see the Wisconsin Historical Newspaper Project.


For additional information, contact Tamara Ramski