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Wireless reports (Meraki)

Wireless Usage reports

  • are emailed out on the first of each month
  • are sent from
  • have a subject of "Summary report for network <AGY>"  (where <AGY> is your library's 3-letter delivery code)
  • contain this information:
    • Clients info
      • Client stats
      • Clients per day
      • Top clients by usage
    • Application info
      • Top application categories
      • Top applications by usage
    • Usage info
      • Usage stats
      • Usage over time
      • Number of sessions* over time
        * A session is defined as a series of wireless probes from one device, with no more than a 5-minute gap in between adjacent probes. If the "All SSIDs" view of the page is selected, then sessions from unassociated devices will be included, as well as sessions from devices associated to any SSID.
      • Top SSIDs by usage
      • Top devices
  • Report example

How to use this report

Because each wireless solution counts sessions in a slightly different way, and because each wireless device may negiotate and manage their wireless sessions differently, we recommend moving away from "sessions" as a way to count monthly usage. The new wireless system's monthly email report includes these client stats:

  • Total unique clients
  • Average # of clients per day
  • Average usage per client (GB)

SCLS will run special reports of "sessions" for each library using SCLS wireless and automatically populate this information in each library's DPI Annual Report.

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