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Zoho Assist

Social distancing has become necessary with the presence of COVID-19.  This makes supporting patrons using library computers a challenge for staff.  SCLS has purchased a bulk license for Zoho Assist software so that libraries can support PC users remotely.  This means staff can remote into the PCs, and even talk to the patrons using a headset, without leaving the reference desk. 

Each library will be able to select staff that will have their own credentials to log into the Zoho Assist management portal.  All the SCLS-supported patron computers at your library will have the Zoho Assist Client installed on them, making them remote-accessible by staff. 



Request a Zoho Assist technician account.



  • Zoho Assist FAQ
  • Zoho Assist Overview Youtube Link
    The linked video starts at 6:55 and will go over the basic technician controls, ending at around the 18:30 mark.
  • Getting set up for Zoho Assist - setting account passwords, renaming PCs (PDF)
  • Using Zoho Assist - basics and voice chat (docx)



For more information, contact: