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Zoho Assist FAQ

Q: Is Zoho Assist easy to use?

A: We believe Zoho Assist is fairly simple to use. It is one of the reasons we selected this product. That said, it is recommended that designated technicians spend some time familiarizing themselves with the interface and features of Zoho Assist.

Q: Will designated library staff share an account, or will each staff person have their own account?

A: Each staff person should have their own account so that meaninful usage logs can be generated. If a staff member leaves the library, their account can be simply deactivated rather than changing the password for a shared account.

Q: How many staff can have access to Zoho Assist?

A: Our license allows for unlimited technicians as designated by the Library Director.

Q: Will training/instruction be provided?

A: Basic documentation will be posted on the SCLS Technology website.

Q: Could we see an online demonstration?

A: No online demonstrations are planned at this time. The SCLS Help Desk can help with any questions. There is also a tutorial video posted on the Zoho Assist page.

Q: What are the hardware/software specifications?

A: All SCLS-supported devices meet the minimum hardware and software specifications to run Zoho Assist.

Q: Do staff and patron have to be on an SCLS-supported computer to assist?

A: The staff technician is not required to be on an SCLS-supported computer. The patrons will need to be on an SCLS-supported computer because we are only able to install the unattended client on devices we manage.

Q: Does it work for all types of devices - laptops and other mobile devices?

A: As implemented by SCLS, Zoho Assist will work on Windows PCs and laptops.

Q: Can staff use Zoha Assist from outside of the SCLS network?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it being used successfully at another library with MyPC and Papercut?

A: MyPC and Papercut have no effect on Zoho Assist. However, Madison Public Library is already using the software and they are a customer of MyPC and Papercut.

Q: Beyond viewing the patron’s screen, does the software allow us to “take over” using the cursor?

A: Yes.The technician can click or type just as if she/he was sitting at the computer.

Q: How is the connection made? Once the patron contacts us for assistance, is there an IP that the software looks for?

A: Each patron computer will have the Zoho Unattended client installed. Technicians will log into a web-based management interface to access the computers.

Q: Do we communicate with patrons via headset?

A: You do have the option to communicate with patrons via headset or the built-in chat function. Headsets will not be provided by SCLS.

Q: Can you recommend a USB headset with a microphone that will work well with the software?

A: We do not have any recommendations, but almost any USB headset with microphone should work.

Q: Could this create liabilities?

A: The patrons will be presented with a dialog box asking for permission for the technician to remote into the session.  Patrons have the option to end the session at any time. The remote session will also end after each MyPC session or a reboot/logoff of Windows. Library staff will be able to remote access a PC without permission at the MyPC logon screen. This will let you help patrons that have difficulty logging into the PC. After the login, the patron will have the ability to end the remote session.

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