SCLS Administrative Council Agenda

Thursday, January 17, 2013
SCLS Headquarters, Chester Room
10:00 a. m.

1. Call to Order

a.       Introduction of guests/visitors

b.      Changes/Addition to the Agenda

c.       Requests to address the Council - policy

2.    Approval of previous meeting minutes:  November 15, 2012


3.     Action items

a.       Acceptance of Governance Structure Recommendations - Cluster Model - Note Card Answers | Updated Recommendations (in minutes)

b.      Creation of Nomination Committee for 2013 AC Officers

c.       Creation of Work Group to Identify SCLS  Priorities in Digital Projects


    4.    Reports of action of committees/workgroups

    a.       Delivery Committee

    b.      ILS Committee

    c.       Technology Committee

    d.      E-commerce Work Group

    e.      Governance Structure Work Group


    5.       Items from clusters for initial discussion

    6.   Other discussion
    a. Update on SRLAAW system Retreat

    7. Next meeting: February 21, 2013

    8. Meeting evaluation and summary

    9. Adjournment

    For more information about the Administrative Council, contact Martha Van Pelt