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Thursday, June 9, 2005 – 10 am
SCLS Administration Building

Present: Adams – Calef; Baraboo – Allen; Belleville – Christensen; Black Earth – Stenman; Cambridge - Behm; Columbus - Kindschi; Dane County - Chase; Deerfield - Fry; DeForest - Berg; Lodi - Hilliker; Madison - Grogan, Lee, Benno; McFarland - Hartman; Middleton - Nelson; Monona - Seery; Mount Horeb - Unruh; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Plain - Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Poynette - Josvai; Prairie du Sac - Endres; Reedsburg – Steiner, Lukes; Sauk City - Heidenreich; Stoughton - Chevis; Sun Prairie - Zindars; Verona - Hedrick; Waunakee - Bauer; Wisconsin Dells - Borck.

Absent: Cambria, Cross Plains, LaValle, Marshall, Mazomanie, Monroe, North Freedom, Oregon, Pardeeville, Rock Springs, Spring Green, Wisconsin Rapids.

Also Present: Hamon, Davis, Blough, Oliversen, Teal Lovely, Barniskis, Blitzke, Dries.

Equipment Spares Policy Recommendation
2005 Revised/2006 Proposed Budget
2006 Budget Proposed Budget Shares – Details
2006 Budget Notes
LINK Circulation Services Committee Minutes
LINK UEPR Committee Minutes
LINK Budget and Personnel Committee Minutes
PIN Handout
Middleton Delivery Activity Handout

INTRODUCTIONS: Janet Josvai is the new director at Poynette Public Library.

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 10:05 am.

ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM: K. Fry reported that there is a quorum.

CHANGES OR ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: Jane Grogan asked that Collection Agency be added to the agenda under Other Business. Dan Calef asked that the August LINK meeting location be added to the agenda under Other Business. Paul Nelson asked that Delivery Activity be added to the agenda under Other Business.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: P. Chevis moved approval of the April 2005 minutes. L. Unruh seconded. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Budget and Personnel Committee met on May 24, 2005. Minutes and handouts are posted online on the Budget Committee page. They recommend that the Equipment Spares and Loaner Policy be adopted. Wands are being phased out of production and light pens are being replaced with scanners which should be more durable. Automation staff reviewed the expense of maintaining a scanner spare pool and is proposing a less costly alternative. A loaner pool would be established initially with 5 scanners that would temporarily replace defective units while they went out for repair or until a new scanner was purchased and delivered. This would duplicate the current practice for other defective equipment like receipt printers and workstations. LINK approved the policy recommendation.

The 2005 Budget Revisions were presented. The Contingency Fund was maintained at
$100,000. The funds set aside for the expenses associated with the Windows migration were reallocated as the project implementation has been delayed; it is now scheduled for completion by year’s end. The antivirus project was completed at half the expected cost. The BadgerNet migration which will require network equipment upgrades was budgeted at $178,000 for 2005. The same amount was reallocated because the migration has been delayed and may not be completed until 2006. The Capital Fund previously referred to as “02 Upgrade” has been renamed “Horizon Upgrade” to eliminate the need for updating the year; funds in the amount of $505,404 were carried forward. 2004’s allocation of $20,000 was added to the Future Development Fund in January, 2005 and the $20,000 allocated for 2005 was added in February. The total of $40,000 will show as budgeted expenditures in 2005, the year they were actually expensed. The Budget and Personnel Committee recommends that the $78,667 remainder of the Carry Forward be added to the Trust for Future Development. No other changes were made. The committee moves adoption of the 2005 Revisions. P. Chevis seconded. Motion passed.

The 2006 Proposed Budget was presented. The increases reflect the higher annual Dynix maintenance fees, cataloging costs and the increased cost of living. There are two decision items: 1) SCLS has been paying the annual subscription fee for LINKcat Cover Art but would like LINK to assume these costs. 2) The committee recommends putting $20,000 into the Future Development reserve for 2006. P. Chevis has a question about Future Development reserve. Is there an estimate of the reserve fund’s goal and how long it would take LINK to reach that goal? There is desire to do longer range planning, but many factors are uncertain. If in the future there isn’t enough money in reserve to purchase the 4th generation system, can a loan be obtained to help cover the costs? P. Chevis is wondering if this reserve will accumulate quickly enough. It was noted that at an annual rate of $20,000 it would take LINK 25 years of investing to pay for the 4th generation system. P. Hamon said there is a possibility that SCLS could borrow money for a new system. J. Chase said the reserve fund is in place to cover the costs of the new system needed after Horizon and thinks this discussion should wait until after the Horizon migration to better determine future timetables. The Budget and Personnel Committee will revisit this after Horizon 8.0 is installed. The libraries’ shares of the 2006 Budget will be finalized on July 1st. Please let Julie know if you have any corrections to your library’s counts for Circulation, Collection and Workstations. The committee recommends the adoption of the 2006 budget proposal. Motion passed.


Dynix has scheduled the LINK Horizon 8.0 Demo for Sunday, June 26th at 1 p.m. at ALA. 38 people are currently signed up but others are welcome to attend. Please let Lauren know before Friday, June 24th if you want your name to be added to the list.

The implementation of Horizon 8.0 has not been finalized. When the release date is announced we can move ahead with defining steps for the LINK migration. Based on the most recent information from Dynix, it looks like Memorial Day weekend 2006 should be a good bet for the conversion. We’re hoping to get more information at the June 26th demo and then we will update the LINK timeline.

The data required for the implementation of the BadgerNet Converged Network (BCN) was submitted on April 29th. We were asked to modify the initial request for a T-1 data circuit for each LINK location. This was apparently more than any other system would be allotted and, at a follow up meeting with BCN staff, we were told that other systems had also pruned their submissions. Greg, Pat and Cindy carefully reviewed current loads and the projections for future needs were reduced for some LINK sites. There are some libraries that currently use as little as ½ of 1% of the available capacity. Operations staff are not certain that projections we make now can be sufficiently visionary for predicting future telecommunications traffic as our present network represents a scaled down suite of services. We haven't even seen the final Horizon 8.0 release, or fully installed the Windows upgrade, or implemented any new services that would be tests of future needs. Gordon Hanson at TEACH assured us that if traffic outstrips capacity in the future, he would work with us to correct the imbalance.

Greg and Pat have had additional meetings with BCN and Cisco staff to discuss the LINK plans for network configuration. Implementation costs for the new network design were originally estimated at over $200,000. $178,000 was set aside in the 2004 Revised LINK Budget as it was the amount remaining after other projects were funded. When the configuration is confirmed we will have a better idea of the cost. We do not have a BadgerNet Converged Network installation schedule yet, but we do know that the timing is no longer tied to the early installations for video sites like Monona.

In relation to the various approaching upgrades, Operations staff have been evaluating the cabling at LINK locations for the past year or so. Pat is preparing a memo for libraries where updated cabling is required.

Greg Barniskis said that he and Pat Dolan will be working with the AEBS Windows consultant in June to create a prototype Windows domain in the operations lab. Production server hardware and licenses will be ordered soon after the lab domain starts to take good shape, and the Windows domain migration should be completed by year end.

Cindy and Andrew offered two online troubleshooting workshops recently via WisLine but only a few people registered. Cindy will be issuing a survey to request suggestions for troubleshooting topics that LINK staffs would find useful.

Automation staff were alerted to a problem with iPAC stability by a user who was unable to connect to LINKcat before 8:30 am on some Saturdays. Greg worked with Dynix to switch iPAC to the service mode. The Weekend Operator will come in at 7:30 am on Saturdays until the end of June to make sure LINKcat is accessible as scheduled.

Peter and Lauren went to the Brodhead library, a prospective LINK member, on May 23rd to address the Library Board. Gloria Rosa emailed Peter to say she appreciated the visit and is in favor of joining now. 2007 may be the last year for libraries to receive LSTA funds to help offset the cost of joining a shared automated system, so Brodhead was encouraged to consider the timing of their decision.

Building/remodeling projects are ongoing at LUD, MCF, VER, COL, MCM, and ORE.


Please refer to the online minutes regarding the following:

Generic Systems PSTAT cleanup report
Discussion regarding differences in library HOLDS BLOCK LIMIT (Agency Records)
and the HOLD BLOCK LIMIT amount for the DIALPAC/Remote Access Catalog
Discussion about children in split households having two patron records or two active
cards on one patron record
Do we still need the “LINK Request for Notification by Email” form?
Owning Libraries are not cki damaged/parts missing items owned once they are received
with the notifying information.
Checkout without a library card
Barcode Placement
Discussion of new patron registration form
Bonus Material/Special Features DVDs

Heidi Oliversen received a request from SGR to initiate a PSTAT cleanup project, which will help accurately determine cross border patron usage. There are many patron records that use a generic PSTAT. Heidi ran a report that lists patrons with generic PSTATs and the report will be sent to the patrons’ home libraries for clean-up. In some cases, generic PSTATs are the best to use. Please call Heidi with any questions about this. J. Chase asked if libraries other than the home agency listed would be more interested in cleaning up PSTATs. There have been many discussions about that. They are reluctant to change another library’s records. Heidi is preparing a memo to go out to libraries detailing the clean up along with the report. Please look at the minutes for the discussion summaries regarding children in split households, damaged parts missing, checking out items without a library card, the new patron registration form and bonus features DVDs.

1. Recommendation that the DialPAC HOLDS BLOCK LIMIT be reduced to $20. The DialPAC hold limit is currently set at $200, which is a lot larger than the in library limit. Some patrons have figured out they can place holds from home without paying the fines. J. Chase said the limit was originally set higher in DialPAC to get patrons into the library and then asking them to pay fines when they checkout. She thinks changing the limit may keep patrons from coming into the library. Heidi mentioned the difference in limits is confusing to patrons. P. Hamon mentioned that there is a delivery cost associated with moving holds to the pickup locations, even if the patron won’t check them out to avoid paying their fines. He also mentioned that the limit can be changed again later if the new limit is not working. P. Chevis asked to change it to $50 instead of $20. P. Chevis moved the recommendation be amended to a $50 limit. P. Hamon seconded. MID, DFT, POR opposed amendment (97 votes). Motion passed to amend recommendation. MID, DFT, POR opposed. Motion passed.
2. Recommendation that item barcodes for CDs be put on back of jewel case in the upper right hand corner for consistency. The committee previously recommended that item barcodes could be placed on either the front or back cover of CDs. CD fronts are often damaged and they can easily be replaced if there is not a barcode on the front of the CD case. The committee moves to adopt the recommendation, BLV opposed. Motion passed.



Please refer to the online minutes regarding the following:

User Survey Regarding Multi-disc Feature DVDs
Advanced Searching Questions in LINKcat
New Name for Best Sellers Tab in LINKcat
Help Under Search Tabs in LINKcat
Help on Items Out Page
PIN Requirement

At the last LINK Meeting, a request was made to form a committee to discuss Multi-disc Feature DVDs. No new committee was created. Instead, the CSC, BSCC, and UEPR committees discussed the issue. UEPR will create a patron survey to get feedback. V. Teal Lovely has made the requested changes to LINKcat.



BUDGET AND PERSONNEL COMMITTEE – Please see the Treasurer’s Report.

DELIVERY ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Did not meet. The next meeting is scheduled for July 28th.

POLICY COMMITTEE The committee met today before LINK. They are continuing to gather policies. They have extracted existing policies from LINK Minutes, Manuals and Memos and are assigning them to one of five areas (see April 2005 minutes for list of areas). They are working on incorporating them into a binder to distribute to LINK libraries. They will meet again before the next LINK meeting. When they finalize their draft for the policies binder, they will send it to the CSC and BSCC committees for input. Please send any existing policies that you would like included in the binder to the committee. The committee hopes to finish the policy binder in December at which time they will present it to LINK for approval. They will add the policy on spares and CD barcode policy from today’s meeting to the binder.

COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE - Did not meet. The next meeting is scheduled for August.

RFID COMMITTEE The next meeting is scheduled for today after LINK.

PIN COMMITTEE: This committee was formed with members from the CSC and UEPR committee. They recommend that a patron’s month and year of birth be used in cases where they have not specified a PIN by January 2006. A handout was distributed with statistics. The committee decided that the month and year of birth would be easy for patrons to remember. The other option discussed was using the patron’s phone number, but they change frequently and will be more difficult for patrons to remember. It was decided to use 0101 for patrons with no birthdate in their record. Patrons can change their PINs at anytime. H. Oliversen is concerned that there are a very large number of patrons who don’t have PINs and this change is only six months away from being implemented. Patrons who don’t have a PIN can’t access iPAC, Telecirc, or SelfCheck. J. Chase said to add a note to the Help page telling patrons to try using their birthdate as their PIN. If the birthdate doesn’t work, they should then try 0101. There was consensus that this would be secure enough. There is a $1200 Dynix programming fee to populate records that do not have PINs. The committee recommends that a patron’s birthdate be used as default PIN. Motion passed.

CIRCULATION STANDARDS COMMITTEE. Members are still being recruited. If you are interested in joining, please contact Heidi Oliversen or Vicki Cothroll.

DVD STANDARDS COMMITTEE. This committee wasn’t formulated. A cross committee will be formed after the UEPR survey is distributed to evaluate the results.

BY-LAWS COMMITTEE: The committee consists of P. Nelson, L. Blough and J. Chase. They are currently reviewing the by-laws and will present official recommendations at the August meeting. Some changes to the LINK Agenda reflect existing rules in the by-laws. Long Range Planning was missed and will be added to the committee list on the Agenda.

COMMUNICATION – No items for discussion.


1. Election of Directors Council Secretary and Treasurer. K. Fry volunteered to fill the LINK Secretary position. J. Chase volunteered to fill the LINK Treasurer position. LINK needs to vote on nominations and elections. P. Chevis nominated K. Fry as LINK Secretary and J. Chase as LINK Treasurer. P. Hamon seconded. Kaia Fry elected Secretary and Julie Chase elected Treasurer.
2. Confirmation of Committee Appointments. Although the by-laws state that committee appointments will be ratified by the Directors Council, this hasn’t been done to date. There are three Organizational Standing Committees: the Executive Committee, the Budget and Personnel Committee, and the Long Range Planning Committee. There are three Operational Standing Committees: the Circulation Services Committee, Bibliographic Standards and Control Committee, and the User Education and PR Committee. P. Hamon moved to approve all appointments. J. Berg seconded. Motion passed. V. Teal Lovely asked that the LINK Vice Chair look at stipulations for committee appointments and help recruit members.
3. “Lucky Day” Checkout materials. This idea was discussed at the Dane County Librarians meeting. Some libraries are putting new materials on a cart for circulation to walk-in patrons instead of checking them into the system to fill holds requests. Is this like generic collection or is this a violation of policy? Sun Prairie currently gives patrons one opportunity to checkout new materials before they go on to fill holds. All copies of new items are put on a cart for one day. What remains at the end of the day is checked in and if there are holds they go on the SUN hold shelf or out to other libraries to fill their patrons’ holds. SUN checks out 50-95 percent of items on the cart. Another library emailed SUN and complained that their patron had the first hold on a specific item and yet it was checked out by a SUN patron. V. Teal Lovely always tells people to check in their materials at linking training. She believes there is a policy in place, but she is not sure where it originated. Several LINK libraries currently have a “Lucky Day” system in place. Some link their items with a status of “On display” or “In processing” and put the items out without checking the items in. If the default status is “In library,” they should still be checked in as it is not clear how well the system works to put these items on the Pick List. P. Hamon says there will be an effect on delivery and there may also be an effect in SCIDs and SCILLs. He asks that the Policy Committee address this issue. P. Nelson said that items shouldn’t be held because a stipulation of joining LINK is providing access to a shared collection. He is also concerned with the lack of consistency because not all libraries do this. STO has a “Lucky Day” shelf, but it works differently. They buy enough copies of an item to fulfill their LINK responsibility in regards to the established holds ratio . These items go out right away to fill holds. They have also established a “free rental” collection where extra copies of new items are purchased from donations. These items are put on generic records. It was pointed out that patrons expect to get their holds in the order listed in LINKcat. S. Hedrick is opposed to the “Lucky Day” practice because it rewards the browser patron and disadvantages the patron who plans ahead. P. Nelson moves that this issue be sent to the Policy Committee for discussion. P. Hamon seconds. Motion passed. P. Chevis said the Policy Committee will address the “Lucky Day” and “free rental” issues. It was also suggested that the Collection Development Committee gather information as to what other similar types of activities libraries are doing. This issue will be brought back to LINK in August after the Collection Development Committee reviews it and has some recommendations.

P. Chevis suggests a form be drafted in order to report a new LINK policy, so there is a written paper record with a common format. Please send P. Chevis any ideas about a form for this.
4. Collection Agency. Jane Grogan reported the background on this topic. MAD has been trying to reconcile outstanding overdue fines and lost materials. Unique Management Systems, a vendor providing collection agency services, met with interested library staff to discuss the process of handling delinquent fines through their service. The corresponding Dynix software called Debt Collect would cost $6000 and would enable libraries set up with Debt Collect accounts to send their delinquent patron records to Unique Management. The people who attended the meeting with Unique Management want to move forward with this. The service is budget neutral as a fee for referral to the collection agency is added to the patron record. Essentially the patrons are paying for this service. Details of the processing were shared and there was some preliminary discussion of whether LINK or the libraries using the service would pay for the Dynix software. P. Chevis suggested that the information be written up and presented for a vote at the next LINK meeting.
5. August LINK Meeting Location. D. Calef proposed returning to Wisconsin Dells for the August LINK meeting. The meeting is scheduled to take place on August 11th. Who can make it to the meeting at the Dells? K. Fry will send out an email to see if a quorum can be guaranteed if the meeting is held in Wisconsin Dells because there are important proposals scheduled for discussion and votes.
6. Delivery Activity. P. Nelson passed around a handout detailing the increased activity at Middleton related to the handling and transportation of holds. He noted the increased load on Middleton and Delivery staffs. Some Middleton staff traveled to MCM to see their self-service holds system.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:23 pm.


For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.