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April 13, 2006
Sun Prairie Public Library

Present: Baraboo – Allen; Belleville – Christensen; Cambridge – Behm; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; Lodi – Hilliker; Madison – Dimick, Lee, Grogan, Benno; McFarland – Hartman; Middleton – Nelson; Monona – Seery; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Portage – Jensen; Poynette – Yurgil; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Rock Springs – LeMoine; Sauk City – Heidenreich, Spring Green – Anderson; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Zindars, Mosier; Wisconsin Dells – Borck; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett; Wyocena – Canepa.

Absent: Adams County, Black Earth, Cambria, Columbus, Cross Plains, DeForest, LaValle, Marshall, Mazomanie, Monroe, Mount Horeb, North Freedom, Plain, Verona, Waunakee.

Also present: Davis, Blough, Teal Lovely, Barniskis, Oliversen, Rattunde, Dries.

LINK Circulation Services Committee Minutes
Revision to procedures for registration of Out-of-System patrons
LINK Bibliographic Standards and Controls Committee (BSCC) Minutes
Revision of the Acquisitions Order Cancellation Policy
LINK User Education and Public Relations Committee (UEPR) Minutes
“Purpose of Restricted Access PCs” Policy draft
LINK Circulation Standards Committee Minutes
ITYPEs Hold Extent spreadsheet
ITYPEs Use Restrictions spreadsheet
ITYPEs suggested loan period guidelines

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 10:02 am.

ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM: D. Anton Wright reported there was a quorum.

CHANGES TO THE AGENDA: J. Seery would like “LINK voting” to be added in the Other Business section. P. Nelson would like to add “RFID” to the Other Business section.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: P. Nelson moved approval of the February 2006 Minutes. P. Chevis seconded. Motion passed.



The Sun V240 server that will replace the HP K210 will be installed by SirsiDynix staff on Thursday, June 8th. No downtime will be required and it won’t interfere with the LINK meeting. On Wednesday, June 14th, libraries should plan for a full day of downtime. After the files and data are migrated from the old to the new server, Automation staff will have to follow up with testing, processing and backup(s).
Early morning prep work is scheduled for 4/21 & 4/28 to clear space for the new Sun equipment and to perform required system updates. See Greg Barniskis’ email dated 04/11/2006 for more details.

A SirsiDynix email update reported that equipment benchmarking for Horizon 8.0 is taking place and Sun hardware is scheduled for testing this week. Once the results are distributed we will be able to evaluate Horizon 8.0’s performance on the Sun servers and begin the process of selecting the new LINK platform. We contacted SirsiDynix for the name of the representative who will review our hardware specifications and help us revise the configuration to fit system needs with equipment advances. We also contacted the SirsiDynix Project Manager for a review of the migration schedule and for an update on database cleanup tasks. The task lists provided remain essentially the same and Applications staff are getting ready to begin database cleanup work in preparation for the migration. No set migration schedule can be determined until the General Release of Horizon 8.x is announced but the hardware testing indicates some progress is being made and we think database preparation should proceed.

ITG Self Checks have been ordered for Verona, Middleton, DeForest and Sun Prairie. The pre-installation forms were completed and sent to ITG on March 30th. We have contacted SirsiDynix and ITG for status updates on the orders.

Verona is scheduled to open their new building on May 1st.

8 BadgerNet conversions (2 a day) are scheduled for the week of April 24th. This includes 6 Madison branches, STO and SCLS Administration. Brodhead’s BadgerNet data circuit was converted on April 3rd and they have begun the process of linking their collection to the LINK database.

The Policy Recommendation Form was posted to the Automation web site as per email sent on April 7th.


LONG RANGE PLANNING – Did not meet. Lauren is working on a proposal for the Budget Committee to request a temporary position to provide assistance during the Horizon migration while Applications staff get trained, prepare the data for migration, design new workshops, develop new manuals and provide Horizon training.

CIRCULATION SERVICES: The New LINK fines form is now available. The committee revised the orange form and accompanying documentation. The form was divided into tasks for the receiving library and tasks for the owning library. RTH was discussed as committee members have seen a decline in use of their own collections. The Purchase Alert report and other monthly report scheduling was discussed and was revised to prevent conflicting with other monthly reports. Vicki will update the reports page to reflect these changes. A procedure for handling items not in computer was discussed. An increase in items being returned that have had their holdings deleted may be related to some libraries using Debt Collect and Unique Management Services. The Committee has tabled discussion of this procedure until the May meeting. The committee recommends that the procedures to register out of system patrons be revised as presented and referred to PLAC for adoption as part of the SCLS Registration guidelines. C. Anderson wondered about confirmation of the name and address of patron. J. Grogan talked about charging an annual fee for out-of-system patrons instead of using a deposit card. J. Chase suggested adding language that would allow local libraries to choose which option works best for their local policies, so that Part M, 5b, 6b and 7 b read “If the patron does not have a home library card with them, the library has several options, including but not limited to the following:”. J. Chase moved to amend the recommendation. C. Anderson seconded. Amendment passed. Vote: Motion passed. The Committee recommends adding two new ITYPEs TWI (books) and VWI (videos) for walk in only/browse collections. These should not allow renewals or holds and should be compatible with Self Check units. Vote: Motion passed.

BSCC: The committee discussed the process of deleting public notes for serials. Members recommend that the Acquisitions Order Cancellation be revised as it is out of date. The proposed changes were distributed. Vote: Motion passed. They also discussed endangered ISTATs and recommend that MAJFL be deleted. Vote: Motion passed. The committee discussed multi-part DVDs and was unable to make a decision. They recommend that a task force be established to review searching, linking and packaging guidelines with committee members from BSCC, Circulation Services, and Collection Development. Vote: Motion passed. “Larger type” (as opposed to Large Type) romance paperbacks were discussed and members decided it was unnecessary to catalog these items separately. They may be linked to bib records for regular print size if they are going into the Romance collection. The committee also discussed duplicate records for classic fiction. They recommend that a task force be created to review the searching and matching guidelines for fiction. This could be the same task force that reviews the multi-part DVD issues. A. Barnett agreed that the Task Force should review both the multi-part DVD and fiction issues. Vote: Motion passed.


UEPR: The committee worked on updating the PIN PR and brochure. There is a new don’t miss list from MAD listing the top selling book titles all the way back to 1881. Madison is working on creating a Spanish patron registration form and a Spanish information sheet for new patrons. Committee members interested in this will get together and work on this. UEPR had an additional meeting via Wisline to discuss restricted access PCs. The initial purpose of restricted access PCs was to replace dedicated PAC terminals by providing dedicated access to the catalog from a PC. Additional access was provided to SCLS databases and library web sites. Are we straying from the original intent of restricted access PCs by continuing to add new URLs to the configuration? The committee recommends adopting the proposed policy regarding restricted access PCs. These guidelines will be used by the committee to determine which URLs can be added. The primary function of the restricted access PCs is to provide access to: 1) the OPAC, 2) LINK, SCLS or specific library databases, 3) library web sites and 4) library services that do not allow broader access to the Internet (requesting libraries would need to provide supporting materials with such a request). UEPR member J. Chase moved to amend the motion on behalf of the committee and asked to eliminate the first 4 words of policy statement (“The committee decided that”). The Policy Statement will begin with “The primary function of…” Vote: Amendment passed. Vote: Motion passed.

NETWORK INTEGRATION: Did not meet. BadgerNet installation has gone very well. There have been a few wrinkles related to cabling/infrastructure in individual sites. Overall, it has been very successful. The Windows migration is next and will be moving along ASAP. The Windows migration issue will need to be referred to a committee to establish functionality development for the new Windows domain. Automation expects to produce a prototype network environment to be set up at SCA where people could view possibilities for the new domain. LINK directors and staff should start thinking about patron PCs. J. Chase thinks that Automation should put together prototypes and then LINK will determine the limits for the new domain. A special committee could be formed to look at the prototype and limit selections. Automation wants priorities from libraries. P. Chevis is wondering if a list could be posted on the Automation web site and the list could grow as people have ideas. Then priorities could be voted on. Dell is going to discontinue the low-end model GX170L. This is the PC model Automation is currently recommending for new patron machines because it’s the only one that can handle Windows NT. Libraries needing new patron machines should work closely with Automation in planning to ensure that all needs are met, given these hardware compatibility constraints.

JTC – Did not meet. The next meeting is scheduled for April 25th.

BUDGET - Did not meet. J. Chase asked committee members to stay after the meeting for a few minutes, if possible, to set a date for the next meeting.

DELIVERY ADVISORY – Did not meet. The next meeting is scheduled for May 9th. At that time, the committee will review RTH data.

COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT - Did not meet. They have established a standardized meeting date and will meet regularly from now on.

CIRCULATION STANDARDS: The committee met on March 14th. Two spreadsheets have been posted online and give an explanation of what individual recommendations are for changes to ITYPEs. The committee tabled discussion on maximum renewals until the next meeting.

• The hold extent is the function that tells the computer whether or not this item is able to have a hold placed on it and what type. The Circulation Standards Committee recommends that the Hold Extent for all ITYPEs be set at 1, for system wide holds allowed, except for the following: Holds Extent 2 for ITYPEs J, K, M, N, S, X, Z to allow holds at the local level and the Hold Extent 3, no holds allowed for ITYPEs E, T, U and V. ITYPE U should have a Hold Extent of 1. There was a typo in the recommendation on the LINK Agenda. Vote: Motion passed.

• The use restrictions will prevent patrons from placing holds, but allow for checkout and renewals. The Circulation Standards Committee recommends that the Use Restrictions for all ITYPEs be set to C for system wide checkout, except for the following: Use Restriction B, local checkout only for ITYPEs J, K, M, S, T, V and X and Use Restriction A, non-circulating, for ITYPEs E and U. Vote: Motion passed.

• The Circulation Standards Committee recommends that ITYPE loan period guidelines become the standard and will go into effect as of June 1, 2006. A. Barnett proposed an amendment to postpone this discussion until the next LINK meeting, since we are running out of time at this meeting. P. Nelson seconded. It was suggested that the meeting should start at 9:30 am to allow for enough time to complete the discussion. Vote: Amendment passed. Vote: Motion passed.

The next Circulation Standards meeting is scheduled for April 20th. Please direct comments and recommendations to any committee member.



1. LINK voting process. J. Seery from MOO noticed that LINK voting shares are rounded and he feels it is unfair that some libraries are paying more for their LINK votes. He suggested forming a committee to look into this. J. Chase will review why some libraries' votes cost more than other libraries’ and will email the results to the LINK Directors Council. It was suggested that J. Seery should add the topic and some supporting details to the next LINK Agenda so that attendees would be prepared for the discussion.

2. RFID – what is happening now? P. Nelson wanted to find out what is currently happening with RFID implementation. Automation staff is currently waiting for a LINK Library to decide to go ahead with this. A committee was formed to select a vendor and that committee was disbanded after they selected ITG as the vendor. Several libraries have talked about possibly implementing the RFID technology. P. Nelson will send out email to get more information from other LINK directors. The Self Check users group could be used for RFID discussion. A Wisline session was suggested. H. Oliversen will look into scheduling this.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm.

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.