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August 10, 2006
Kilbourn Public Library

PRESENT:  Adams County – Calef; Baraboo – McDonald, Allen; Brodhead – Rosa; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; Madison – Froistad (via teleconference); McFarland – Hartman; Middleton – Nelson; Monona – Johnson; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Plain – Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Rock Springs – LeMoine; Sauk City – Heidenreich; Stoughton – Chevis; Verona – Hedrick; Wisconsin Dells – Borck; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett; Wyocena – Canepa.

ABSENT:  Belleville, Black Earth, Cambria, Cross Plains, DeForest, LaValle, Lodi, Marshall, Mazomanie, Monroe, Mount Horeb, North Freedom, Poynette, Spring Green, Sun Prairie, Waunakee.

ALSO PRESENT:  Davis, Blough, Teal Lovely, Barniskis, Oliversen, Dries.

CALL MEETING TO ORDER:  Meeting called to order at 10:26 am.

ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM:  At the start of the meeting, there was not a quorum.  24 libraries were represented, but they did not constitute the required 51% of the votes.  MAD joined via conference call in order to establish a quorum. 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM THE JUNE MEETING:  P. Chevis moved approval of the June Minutes.  J. Chase seconded.  Motion carried.



The BadgerNet conversions have been completed.  Craig is finishing the last cutovers at Rock Springs and North Freedom this afternoon.  The telco installations had been going very well, but recently Pat was required to do a lot of corrective work at the last minute prior to Craig’s and Kerri’s visits because Norlight made changes to equipment IP addresses.  The cutover at Baraboo was an elongated process due to the fact that Norlight made even more changes that weren’t communicated to Pat, and it took a long time to unravel the problem even with Kerri onsite at the library.  Luckily the problems are at an end as this marks that final cutover in the long series of installations that began in February.  

Vicki, Heidi, Karen and Michelle interviewed 3 candidates for (1/2 of) the LTE position.  This person will begin providing assistance while work proceeds with the Horizon migration.  One of the three candidates will be chosen soon and will start on September 5th. 

The Operations staff have begun testing a beta patron policy XP object in preparation for the Windows upgrade. 

The R191 hotfix for ISBN 13 was marred by its effect on the ComRes indexes.  Searches of Clubs and Organizations and Dynix Newspaper indexes produced no hits after the upgrade.  The problems were addressed by a Dynix staff member who spent 2+ more days correcting long-standing problems with the Newspaper indexes and may be still working out the kinks.  The dedicated effort is expected to fix some long-standing problems with the Newspaper indexes at 6 LINK libraries. 

5 more Self Checks were ordered from ITG.  Madison ordered 3 of the EM Security model and Mount Horeb selected 2 of the RFID-ready model. 

SirsiDynix is looking for photographs of libraries for their 2007 calendar.  Lauren will email the submission information to link-announce.  LINK libraries are welcome to send their own material or send it to Lauren for submission.


LONG RANGE PLANNING:  The Committee met on August 3rd.  Lauren reviewed the current status of major ongoing projects.  The BadgerNet conversions are coming to a close with the last 3 cutovers scheduled on August 7th, 8th and 9th.  New LINK member, Brodhead, is progressing very steadily and we expect them to come live on Dynix by the end of the year.  The Windows upgrade project has taken a leap forward with the Automation staff testing of the beta patron PC image.  The Horizon migration was discussed in so far as it can be described without a firm start date for the migration.  SirsiDynix revised an earlier LINK implementation plan in expectation of a fall, or end-of-third-quarter start.  It did not fully integrate the testing periods included in the SCLS/LINK contract.  When Lauren plugged in those extensions, Go Live just about matches our favorite Big Project Date – Memorial Day weekend.  We have more work to do with the Schedule, but no dates are being published until we have a General Release announcement for Horizon 8.1.

During the discussion of future projects Long Range Planning Committee members noted that they want to be able to offer full-featured self service to their patrons, including payment by credit card.  They also want to start sending pre-overdue notices via email as soon as possible after the Horizon migration.      

CIRCULATION SERVICES:  Did not meet.  Recommended members for migration committees (Combined with same motions from BSCC and UEPR).  Vote: motion carried.        

BSCC:  Did not meet.  The migration committee recommendations were finalized via email.  The special Fiction Matching Guidelines Committee met to discuss streamlining fiction matching guidelines.  The committee made the following recommendations: 1) It is OK to link a fiction hardcover item to a paperback record if there are no other valid records. 2) For classics and adult fiction, illustrations do not require a new record with the exception of illustrations and other materials that substantially change the format of the book (e.g., The DaVinci code has different versions).  3) For classics and adult fiction, create a new record only if the author of the forward or introduction is an expert on the author of that work or title.  This can be done at the discretion of the library.  Children’s illustrated editions will still be cataloged separately if the illustrators are different.  These measures will reduce the number of duplicate titles in database.

P. Chevis moved to package fiction items 1-3 as one vote.  A. Barnett seconded.  Vote amendment: motion carried.  Vote: motion carried.    



UEPR - Did not meet.

JTC:  The committee met on July 11th.  Per Act 226 libraries that individually purchase databases are permitted to restrict access to local use only for their in-library and remote users.  Stef will provide guidelines for the set-up via email.  The Citizen Technology Advisory Board was formed.  SCLS received 40 some responses within 24 hours from citizens interested in participating.  OPAL is an online meeting room that uses voice over IP and is an alternative to the more expensive Wisline Web.  SCLS is currently setting up staff accounts for IM reference.  The proposed LSTA 2007 grant application was discussed.  It was approved with one change.  $500 was shifted from patron training to Gadgets and Gadget training.  The Gadget training package will provide staff with hands-on experience with the electronic gadgets their patrons are using.  The game package is circulating to libraries.  Patron technology training funds were popular in the past and will be available with this grant.  Technology training for staff would allow a library to choose the option of a few hours of onsite personalized training.  SCLS project reports:  The BadgerNet conversion is almost done.  SCLS is working on SPAM problem.  The search engine is up on the SCLS web site.




CIRCULATION STANDARDS:  There are four recommendations on the floor today.   The first recommendation is to change the maximum number of renewals to 2 for all ITYPEs, except *E, *N, *T, *U, *V, *X, and *Z. (TWI and VWI are not included in this recommendation as they were created as non-renewable ITYPEs).  The second recommendation is to change the ODUE CNVT – LOST field in each circulation subsystem record to 28 days.  J. Chase moved to amend this recommendation to 29 days.  S. Hedrick seconded.  Vote on the amendment: motion carried.  The third recommendation is to change the LOST/CLAIM RTN OV field in each circulation subsystem record to 3, which causes the system to charge overdue fines for both Lost and Claimed Returned items.  What if something turned up in book drop of another library?  Individual libraries can decide on a case by case basis.  The fourth recommendation is to change CNVT CLAIM – LOST field in each circulation subsystem record to 0 days, which means that the system would never automatically change the status of an item from Claimed Returned to Lost.  This will have to be done manually at each library, using the monthly “Items with status C” reports that are distributed. 

P. Chevis moved packaging all recommendations.  A Barnett seconded.  Vote on packaging all recommendation: motion carried.  Vote on packaged recommendations: motion carried. 

NETWORK INTEGRATION:  The BadgerNet project is wrapping up.  Operations only encountered a few serious issues along the way.  The technology is sound.  Pat, Kerri and Craig did the field work for this project.  The Windows domain is picking up steam.  It provided a solid foundation to build new features; ie and firefox, ability to download files to desktop, ability to take those files away.  Print management will be available through Telus, but we may wait until Telus produces a newer version.  This will be tested in MPL first.  If that goes well, then the pilot testing will begin at every LINK location.  By the October LINK Meeting, Greg hopes to do live demonstration. 



  1. Parameters for new “walk-in” collection ITYPEs (*TWI):  Carol Froistad attended via speakerphone.  MAD moved to change the loan period from 7 days to 14 days.  P. Kindschi seconded.  Patrons can’t get through the book in that amount of time, so they don’t check the items out.  They would be treated the same as new books, but they can’t be renewed.  Vote: motion carried. 

P. Chevis moved to adjourn.  J. Chase seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 11:41 am.


For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.