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April 12 , 2007
SCLS Administration Building

Present: Adams County – Calef; Baraboo – Allen; Black Earth – Schmitt; Belleville – Christensen; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; Cross Plains – Bosben; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; Lodi – Hilliker; Madison – Dimick, Grogan, Lee; McFarland – Hartman; Middleton – Nelson; Monona – Gerber; Mt. Horeb – Unruh; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Plain – Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Sauk City – Heidenreich; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Herold, Mosier; Verona – Hedrick; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett; Wyocena – Friesen.

Absent:  Brodhead, Cambria, DeForest, LaValle, Monroe, Marshall, Mazomanie, North Freedom, Poynette, Rock Springs, Spring Green, Waunakee, Wisconsin Dells.

Also Present: Davis, Blough, Teal Lovely, Oliversen, Gannaway, Barniskis, Hilbelink, Dries.

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 10:09 am.

Introductions: Tracy Herold is the new director at the Sun Prairie Public Library.  Mary Friesen is the new director at the Wyocena Public Library.  Amy Gannaway is the new Cataloging and PAC Specialist for South Central.

Changes/Additions:  Appointment to the Circulation Services Committee will be added under “Other Business.”

Approval of the February 2007 Minutes: P. Chevis moved approval of the February 2007 Minutes. A. Barnett seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  No report.

Project Manager’s Report: 

Since the announcement of the cancellation of Horizon development and after the initial shock, we’ve come to realize that LINK is in a better position than the many other SirsiDynix customers who had begun their migrations or purchased expensive hardware.  Although tentative implementation plans had been discussed with SirsiDynix staff on several occasions, we hadn’t confirmed a start date before the March 13th press release.  Due to the Applications staff’s insistence on key functionality requirements and their dogged pursuit of software enhancements, we have not made any advances that we will have to retreat from.  Neither time nor money has been spent uselessly.

The effort that has been expended in tracking the development of what appeared to be a great ILS for consortia, has produced staff expertly conditioned to coordinate the selection of the next product.  It’s true that there were some expenses associated with the Horizon project, such as the consultant’s fees and the replacement of the HP server that had reached end-of-life.  However, the contract is valid, although in need of revision if LINK chooses the SirsiDynix product Rome, and hopefully useful as a template if we move to another vendor, while the Sun server provides a dependable platform for the reliable Dynix system and the time to choose its replacement.

Today we’ll begin the process of evaluating ILS software again.  Unicorn is the framework for the new SirsiDynix product called Rome.  We don’t think there would be any advantage to moving to Unicorn as the current GL3.1 release will be the last before the introduction of version 1 of Rome in late 2007.  Version 2 is due in 2008 and Version 3 in 2009.  Functionality specifications for Romeare supposed to be posted soon.  We’re making lists of customers of the major ILS vendors and have made initial contacts.  There are many Unicorn sites in WI and IL.  Innovative’s Millennium is installed at Indianhead Library System where John Thompson is the new Director and in Milwaukee Federated Library System.  Ex Libris bought Endeavor whose ILS is used by Portage County.  We’ll schedule other demos as needed so the migration teams will be busy with product evaluation.  Vicki and Julie will investigate products at ALA in June so we’ll have the perspective of seeing what the vendors are promoting for the future. 

In the meantime, we’ll get further clarification of the status of the current SCLS/LINK contract with SD.  A customer representative stated that the prices quoted would be honored.  The contract riders for software and hardware purchases would have to be extensively revised at least in terms of products so I’m not so sure the assurance will buy the system we envisioned in 2003.  We do have a Contract Committee to review and propose changes.  

We are deeply disappointed that Horizon 8.x will never debut on your PC screens, but we might recognize some ghosts in the machines if Rome is LINK’s choice.  The time it will take to get us back to the migration anticipation stage will depend partly on what the product, platform and vendor services reviews and customer visits reveal in terms of working functionality.  We have plenty of task lists and timeline templates to work with; we’ll start the formal process of information gathering today. 

Our annually renewable Dynix maintenance agreement is paid through February 2008 and SirsiDynix stated that they will continue to support Dynix and Horizon for at least 2 years after they are declared end-of-life which has not happened yet.

Lauren visited the new LINK Directors Tracy Herold at SUN in March and Mary Friesen at WYO in April.  The ITG Self Checks are scheduled for installation at MOO, ORE and VER on April 25 and 26th.  Vesper has asked for a quote for LINK membership.

The Sun server which was installed in June 2006 is due for a file resize.  It’s hard to predict how long the process will take, but we’re estimating between 8 and 12 hours of down time.  Most libraries with Sunday hours close for the summer, so we’ll try to schedule it for late May or early June.


Long Range Planning Committee:  The committee met on April 5th. 

Circulation Services Committee:  The committee has two recommendations today.  The first recommendation is for LINK to adopt the following Uniform Refund policy:

LINK Uniform Refund Policy:

    1. The max. time limit for a refund is 6 months after the item has changed to a Lost status.
    2. If a library allows for replacement of Lost items in lieu of payment, these rules apply:
    1.   If holdings have been discarded, there is no possibility for refund. 


The creation of this policy was suggested to assist staff in answering patron questions regarding this issue.  STO has unique items in system and are concerned about discarded holdings..  They might consider giving a refund after the time allotted if something was out of print.  Can more flexibility be given for this kind of instance?  This statement was given to account for books returned in a book drop and the holdings have been discarded, leaving no way to determine the last patron.  P. Chevis moved to amend #3 to read “If holdings have been discarded, refunds are subject to director’s approval.”  P. Nelson seconded.  Motion: passed.  J. Chase moved to delete the word “maximum” from #1.  J. Grogan seconded.  Motion passed.  Vote on the amended Committee recommendation – Motion passed.  The CSC survey on Survey Monkey asks LINK directors for feedback about the limits of holds and items checked out and also about offering different types of PTYPEs for different types of patrons.  The deadline to respond is April 27, the committee will review the responses at their next meeting.  The Circulation Services Committee also  recommends that all LINK libraries place the item barcode on books no more then 8 inches and no less then 3 inches from the spine and only on the front cover.  This will be taken back to the committee for specific dimensions and a picture will be presented along with the recommendation.

BSCC:  Amy Gannaway from SCLS is now the chair of this committee.  The committee has no recommendations.  The committee added the term “unabridged selections” to the list of terms that can be used in the Edition field (field 250). They also discussed music CDs that are packaged together but can stand alone.  The current rule is to keep them together, but they will revisit this topic at next meeting after getting a sense of what patrons want.  MPL will begin cataloging romance paperbacks.  The committee decided that libraries should purchase widescreen DVDs instead of fullscreen DVDs as this will help prevent duplicate BIB records.  PlayAway titles are being circulated at individual libraries, but are currently not being cataloged.  The committee will discuss this prospect in the future after more PlayAways are purchased.

UEPR:  A new web page for the Don’t Miss Lists has been created.  Libraries can link to the page from their web site.  It is currently available on the "Help" tab in LINKcat.  Please contact Amy Gannaway if you need help.  This page will eventually be integrated into the PAC.  Vicki and Amy will start working on this soon.  The URLs on Serials Solutions records will be revised because some bib records list multiple URLs that essentially go to the same thing. With the change, patrons can choose which database to obtain the article from.  There is one extra click, but overall it should be less confusing. Amy revised the LINKcat FAQ to give browser specific instructions on how to clear your cache, turn off graphics, etc. The online “help” documentation for newspaper indexes will be updated to include information on obtaining paper copies of newspaper articles and obituaries. A new Don’t Miss List for new Western fiction titles was added.

Report from Greg Barniskis: Caching and proxy server issues with the “LINKcat is closed” web page may have been resolved, only time will tell.  The Windows XP patron PC model is being tested at pilot sites MSB, STO and WAU.  It will soon be installed at POR and SUN.  Operations has discovered a few unexpected problems, but nothing major.  Mass deployment is scheduled starting in May. There are demonstration units in the Training room for you to view.  You can come and look after the meeting or in between Unicorn sessions. 

JTC - Did not meet.           

Budget and Personnel - Did not meet

Delivery Advisory – Did not meet.

Cataloging Contract Committee:  The committee deleted unnecessary language and revised the calculations.  They recommend that we cease cataloging VHS and Music on tape as they are declining formats.  The committee also recommends that MPL begin cataloging romance paperbacks as of January 1, 2008.  Phyllis will take this to the SCLS Board in May.       



  1. RTH Parameters changes:  This came up at the Dane County Librarians Meeting and they wanted the following questions addressed: 

        a) Can we turn RTH off for items with only one copy
        b) Can we remove the limitation of 5 holds before RTH kicks in
        c) Increase the date differential from 60 days to ?
RTH can’t be turned off for items with only one copy.  It is possible to change the hold limitation and/or the date differential.  P. Nelson moves to refer this to Circulation Services Committee and the Delivery Advisory Committee.  K. Fry seconded.  Motion passed.

  1. Referral to Circulation Services - request to standardize default replacement price for each ITYPE.   J. Chase moved.  P. Davis seconded.  Motion passed.
  2. New Circulation Services Committee Member: Sara Bukrey from STO was officially appointed to the Circulation Services Committee.

P. Chevis moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:58 am.  P. Davis seconded.  Motion passed.

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.