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SCLS Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Committee

Minutes from the January 14, 2009 meeting


Present:  Amy Bedessem (POR), Katie Conway (BAR), Rollene Marslender (STP), Pearl Mosier (SUN), Heidi Oliversen (SCL), Pam Wittig (MAD), Cheryl Becker (SCA).

July minutes:  Accepted. 


"Too New"

Some libraries will not lend materials unless the item is 6 months or older. Madison is changing their borrowing rules from 4 months or older to 6 month or older. Libraries can use Amazon to determine the age of an item. Request for items under 6 months of age may not be filled.  The topic of changing the recommendation from 4 months to 6 months will be taken to PLAC for discussion. 


There will be two sessions on ILLiad in late January. Madison Interlibrary Loan staff are now calling Interlibrary Loan “Outerlibrary Loan,” or OLL.

Renewing ILL items in LINKcat: 

Renewing items is a must for the non-LINK libraries.

Updates, concerns, etc. from members:

Next meeting:  April 15

(Compiled by Pearl Mosier, SUN.)



For more information about the ILL Committee, contact Cheryl Becker.