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SCLS Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Committee

Minutes from the October 28, 2009 meeting

Present:  Katie Alexander (BAR), Amy Bedessem (POR), Jack Faulkner-Becker (STP), Pearl Mosier (SUN), Heidi Oliversen (SCL), Patty Steele (MFD), Beth Price (MAD), Cheryl Becker (SCA).

July minutes:  Accepted. 


Changes to governance structure:

Phyllis Davis discussed changes in SCLS governance structure. SCLS will be adopting a new model which will do away with many of the former committees such as ILL, JTC, Reference etc. Clusters have been developed which will have elected representatives from libraries in the cluster. There will be an Administrative Council on which library directors or their designees will be members. Cheryl will subscribe ILL Committee members to the scls-ill list—we can continue to use this list to discuss problems and share ideas. There may be times when a task force will be temporarily pulled together to deal with a specific ILL issue. Nominations are now open for positions on the new committees.

Consequently, today is the last meeting of the ILL Committee. 

Updates, concerns, etc. from committee members:

(Compiled by Patty Steele, MFD )



For more information about the ILL Committee, contact Cheryl Becker.