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SCLS Board of Trustees

February 13, 2006 - 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Administration

Present: T. Brown, F. Cherney, R. Curtis, L. Davis-Brown, E. DeSmidt, J. Hanson, M. Howe, C. McGuire, N. Nelson, H. O’Donnell, J. Healy-Plotkin, G. Poulson, J. Taft, K. Williams, W. Zimdars

Also Present: P. Davis, H. Moe, B. Dimick, B. Blitzke, Jodi Sweeney
Absent: T. Iaccarino,
Excused: R. Keen, J. Kreten, T. Patton, J. Pugh, P. Townsend, P. Westby
J. Wheeler,

Call to Order: President J. Taft called the meeting to order at 12:20 p.m.
a. Introduction of guests/visitors and new board members: Jaime Healy-Plotkin was introduced as the newly appointed SCLS trustee representing Dane County. Jodi Bender-Sweeney, consultant for the Sweeney Group was introduced.
b. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
c. Requests to address the board: None

Minutes: M. Howe moved approval of the January 9, 2006 minutes. J. Hanson seconded. Motion carried.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements: N. Nelson moved approval of the bills for payment in the amount of $114,486.55. M. Howe seconded. Motion carried.

President's Report: There was general discussion of the library legislative day in Madison for those who attended.

a. Library Legislative Day in Washington: K. Williams moved to un-table the motion from the January meeting regarding how many trustees will attend legislative day in Washington. M. Howe seconded the motion. Carried. After much discussion, the board approved sending three SCLS Trustee representatives to Washington. M. Howe and C. McGuire indicated they were interested in attending. F. Cherney and K. Williams also noted they may be interested. These members will meet following the board meeting to discuss further who will attend.

b. 2006 Board Committees: Jack distributed a sign-up sheet at the meeting and asked trustees to sign up for committees on which they are interested in serving for 2006.

Jack also read the letter written to Anne Iwata which expressed appreciation and thanks on behalf of the SCLS Board, for her service and commitment as an SCLS Trustee.

Carole McGuire has been appointed chair of the emerging issues committee.
SCLS Strategic Plan: The plan has been approved by PLAC and MALC. M. Howe moved approval of the 2006 SCLS Strategic Plan. K. Williams seconded. Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Selection Committee: K. Williams noted the committee has selected nine candidates to receive specific questions via email. Once the questions are answered, the committee will narrow the candidates down to those that will be interviewed. The interviews will take place either March 1 or March 3. SCLS Trustees are invited to take part in the interview process as well as SCLS directors and SCLS staff. Kristi will need to know who is interested in participating in the interview process by February 24.

Circulation and ILL Statistics: No comment

System Director's Report:

Phyllis and Barb Dimick were invited to a facilitated discussion of ILL issues with several other public library system members. SCLS is using OCLC for ILL and the general feeling was that the State should do the same. Reference and Loan is not on the same page, however. Phyllis was asked to nominate herself to serve on the LSTA committee.

Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton are considering forming a joint library.

Phyllis and Cheryl Becker met with the newly hired director of the South West Library System to discuss cross system payments. SCLS is working on a proposal to suggest as a pilot, but the real solution is the passing of the library reform bill.

Phyllis will be working on the 2005 Annual Report, with assistance from Peter.

SCLS has successfully partnered with Wisconsin Public Television to provide a free public program in ten libraries. We will be providing the publicity and WPT will provide the facilitators and materials. The program, “Raising Cain: Boys in Focus,” has received high praise. The documentary explores the emotional development of American boys, the issues they face, and discussion of possible solutions to their dilemmas. The SCLS Board asked that Shawn Brommer email them a list of when and where this program is being shown.

Foundation Committee: L. Davis-Brown noted the SCLS Foundation appointed its’ officers. Linda is President, Richard MacDonald - V. Pres, Phyllis Davis – Secretary, Bob Keen – Treasurer. Other Foundation Board members include Jack Taft and Bill Zimdars. Bob Blitzke, and Char Paglini will provide staff support to the Foundation. The 501 (c) 3 paperwork has been submitted and they are waiting for word from the Internal Revenue. The bylaws were amended and passed. The next meeting will be March 15 following the board meeting. Fiscal policy and the feasibility study will be discussed.

Jodi Bender Sweeney discussed the campaign feasibility study she conducted for the SCLS Foundation. The board received a copy of that report. She recommends creating a SCLS Foundation “ad hoc” planning committee to discuss how this campaign will work, who to contact for donations, and how to work with libraries to avoid “competition” for funding. The campaign is a long-term effort and how it is presented to the public is very important.

Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC) Report:

Multitype Advisory Committee (MALC) Report:

LINK Report:

Agenda and Minutes for the above committees can be found on the web at:

Other Business: None

Meeting adjourned at 1:22 p.m.

H. Moe, Recorder


For more information about the Board of Trustees, contact Heidi Moe.