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April 9, 2007 - 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Administration

Present:  R. Barden, F. Cherney, R. Curtis, E. DeSmidt, J. Hanson, J. Healy-Plotkin, T. Iaccarino, R. Keen, T. McIlroy, N. Nelson, G. Poulson, J. Pugh, L. Schmidt, P. Townsend, P. Westby, J. Wheeler

Also Present:  P. Davis, H. Moe, S. Morrill, B. Dimick
Absent:           M. Howe, C. McGuire, H. O’Donnell
Excused:         L. Davis-Brown, J. Kreten, N. Myers

Call to Order: F. Cherney called the meeting to order at 12:15p.m.

  1. Introduction of guests/visitors and new board members:
  2. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
  3. Requests to address the board: None

Minutes: The March 12, 2007 minutes were approved. 

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements: B. Keen moved approval of the bills for payment in the amount of $146,672.01.  J. Hanson seconded.  Motion carried.   

President's Report:  Francis noted he and Jamie will be attending Library Legislative Day in Washington.

Committee Reports: 
Advocacy:  Will meet following the board meeting
System Celebration:  P. Townsend noted the committee decided on the menu and award nominations are due April 27th.

SCLS Foundation Report:  P. Davis noted M& I reviewed the investment portfolio and policies at the last meeting.  The Foundation Board decided at its last meeting to put $2,000 of the first $10,000 private donation toward the Summer Library Program this year and the rest will be placed in an endowment for literacy activities in future years.  A reception and presentation is being planned for the Honor Board in May.  The Plain, Mt. Horeb and WI Dells library boards have been visited recently.  The Board is working on finding a challenge grant. 

Circulation and ILL Statistics:  No report.

System Director's Report: 
Phyllis noted information for customers regarding what to expect in the first release of the Sirsi/Dynix “Rome” will soon be posted on their web pages.

The Madison Community Foundation would like to give $25,000 to 12 Dane County Libraries that have worked with the foundation in the past.  The focus of the funding is geared toward increasing library collections.

The audit is mostly finished and Dave Odahl from Wegner and Associates will be attending the May meeting to discuss it and answer any questions.

The Cataloging contract will probably come before the Board in May.  LINK will be review the draft version in April.

The Brodhead Memorial Library went live on LINK.

Phyllis attended two days of meetings with the LSTA Advisory Committee – some new categories were approved that may be useful to SCLS libraries.

Bob Blitzke had back surgery and is doing well.  He expects/hopes to be back to work in 8-10 weeks.

The Summer Library Program video featured Peter Hamon as a detective and John DeBacher in a gorilla costume.

Stef noted four candidates will be interviewed for the LERSS (Library Electronic Resources Support Specialist) position.  We’re really looking forward to having this position filled, though Dan and Nichole and Heidi have all been taking on extra stuff and doing an excellent job.

Our annual meeting will be May 11th at Devil’s Lake State Park.  This is an opportunity for SCLS to get together with SCLS member libraries and discuss things.  It will be a very casual, discussion-oriented day.

The Wisconsin Educational Media Association (WEMA) conference was held a couple of weeks ago.  This is the school-library association, but they were hoping to have some better attendance and interaction with public libraries.  Cheryl, Jean and Shawn spoke at the  conference and it was a good opportunity for SCLS to work with WEMA.

The new wireless lab is ready.  Its first use will be for the WAAL Conference.  Besides providing the lab for member libraries, SCLS frequently shares equipment for other conferences and WLA.

Much time is being spent this month compiling individual library statistics for database usage.  Some are encouraging, but overall, the usage of the databases is low.  The PR committee is working on a new sort of publicity model, where databases would be promoted along side other things with the focus being what people can do by subject, instead of project. 


Report on Act 420 – Cheryl Becker:  Cheryl provided information on Act 420 and how it will affect libraries.  Our member libraries will receive a sample letter detailing what to present to County Clerks regarding the amount owed to that specific library for cross border use and usage statements.  The statements cover usage for 2006 and should be used to provide a letter to the other County Clerks by July 2007.  The payment due date is March 2008.  There was also discussion about the importance of County Clerks being in contact with library boards so they can include the cross border payment in their county budgets.

Information Sharing:  

Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC) Report:

Multitype Advisory Committee (MALC) Report:

LINK Report: Agenda and Minutes for the above committees can be found on the web at:

Other Business:  

  1. Possible elimination of the Cross Border Committee:  B. Keen recommended that the committee stay intact for another year.  E. DeSchmidt seconded.  Motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:23 p.m.

H. Moe, Recorder       

For more information about the Board of Trustees, contact Heidi Moe.