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May 14, 2007 - 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Administration

Present:  R. Barden, F. Cherney, R. Curtis, L. Davis-Brown, J. Hanson, J. Healy-Plotkin, M. Howe, T. Iaccarino, R. Keen, T. McIlroy, N. Myers, N. Nelson, H. O’Donnell, J. Pugh, P. Townsend,

Also Present:  P. Davis, H. Moe, S. Morrill
Absent:           E. DeSmidt, C. McGuire, L. Schmidt
Excused:         J. Kreten, G. Poulson, P. Westby, J. Wheeler

 Call to Order: F. Cherney called the meeting to order at 12:15p.m.

  1. Introduction of guests/visitors and new board members: David Odahl of Wegner LLP, was introduced.
  2. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
  3. Requests to address the board: None

Minutes: P. Townsend moved approval of the April 9, 2007 minutes.  R. Barden seconded.  Motion carried.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements: T. Iaccarino moved approval of the bills for payment in the amount of $117,495.31. B. Keen seconded.  Motion carried.   

President's Report:  Francis and Jamie Healy-Plotkin shared their reports from attending Library Legislative Day in Washington. 

Presentation of the 2006 Audit:  Dave Odahl of Wegner LLP presented the 2006 audit.   B. Keen moved approval of the audit as presented.  J. Hanson seconded.  Motion carried.

Approval of the LINK cataloging contract:  M. Howe moved approval.  J. Pugh seconded.  Motion carried.

Committee Reports: 
Advocacy:  J. Hanson noted Joan Wheeler was appointed chair to the committee and briefly discussed the information that Mark Ibach provides to patrons who have signed up to receive advocacy emails.

SCLS Foundation Report:  L. Davis-Brown noted the foundation board will meet to review the financial reports of the general endowment fund.  On May 24th, there will be a reception for the SCLS Foundation Honorary Board at Quarles & Brady from 3:30 – 5 p.m.  Former Governor Tony Earl and Jessica Doyle will speak at the event.  Phyllis will be speaking to the Sun Prairie and Brodhead Library Boards and is also looking for a challenge grant.

Circulation and ILL Statistics:  No report.

System Director's Report: 
The public library system funding level included in the Governor’s budget was passed by the Finance Committee.  On May 3, the Joint Finance Committee approved a budget proposal (a 13-3 vote) to modify provisions for levy limitations.  The modification accomplished two purposes.  It clarified that payments are made to public libraries (and not to the counties themselves), and it expanded the exemption so that it includes payments to public libraries within a county as well as to public libraries in adjacent counties.

Senate Bill 1 (SB-1) passed the Wisconsin State Senate on May 9 by a voice vote and has been messaged to the State Assembly.  SB-1 allows a library board to transfer donations made to the library to a charitable organization exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code, provided the organization’s purpose is to provide support for the public library. 

A Request for Proposal (RFP) for a study of economic benefit of Wisconsin public libraries was released May 2, 2007 by the division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning (DLTCL).  The RFP asks vendors to submit proposals establishing the procedures and data collection methods to identify and describe the economic impacts and benefits of WI public libraries and determine the taxpayer return on investment for supporting public libraries.  The project will be funded in part with grants from the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and the WI Library Association Foundation.

After exceeding attendance goals for the “Greener Pastures” Rural Library Sustainability Project workshops, five workshop participants will be able to attend an all day forum on June 22 in Washington D.C. prior to the ALA annual conference.  The project is supported by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Mary Friesen, Director of the Wyocena P.L. and Bob Stack, Director of Portage County Public Library, have been selected to travel to Washington D.C. to participate in the forum.  The grant will also permit the participants to stay up to four nights while attending the ALA conference.

On May 11th, the Council on Library and Network Development held a meeting in LaCrosse.  Some systems have been cut off from access to funds because they are using OCLC instead of WISCAT.  This topic will continue to be discussed.

LINK is preparing a plan for searching for a new system.  The XP migration is going well.

Phyllis and Stef will begin working on the 2008 LINK budget.

The delivery volume count indicated SCLS is handling 200 more boxes per week than we were last year.  That is equivalent to adding another busy library or branch to the delivery service.  Two new trucks should be in use by June.  Two delivery employees, Jessie Stewart and Joe Toney, attended a bio-diesel class at MATC.  There will probably be a state mandate for governmental fleets to use alternative fuels.  We are developing a good partnership to use the B20 fuel pump on campus – some of the trucks are running on the B20 fuel now.

Kathleen Taylor, a former SCLS Board member from Columbia County, died recently.

Stef noted many staff attended the WAPL conference.  Cheryl Becker, Shawn Brommer and Nichole Fromm presented programs.

The annual meeting was held May 11th at Devils Lake and about 50 people attended.  It was a good day of discussion and sharing ideas.  An evaluation will be sent to get feedback to help guide our direction for next year’s meeting.  One of the topics discussed was communication between member libraries and SCLS.  We did not receive as much feedback as we expected.  A list of all the member library staff that serve on SCLS committees was created so they could be thanked for their service.  There are 92 people from 33 libraries currently serving on SCLS committees!

Stef attended the WiscNet Future Technology Conference.  It was a fascinating conference with a mix of hard-core technology programs, future “visioning” and programs on using technology in education.  Stef attended a program on net neutrality and the history of how we got to this point as well as a session on MIT Open Courseware.  She also experienced a fascinating “tour” of the Cleveland Museum of Art over videoconferencing.

The Summer Library Program video won an award from the Wisconsin Association of Public, Education, and Government Public Access.

With regard to the interview results for the Library Electronic Resources Support Specialist, an offer was made to one person, but she turned us down.  The committee didn’t feel that any of the other three candidates were a good fit, so we’re back to the drawing board.  Instead of doing a formal recruitment, we’re approaching some people we know and also trying to work through contacts at the library school.

Information Sharing:  

Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC) Report:

Multitype Advisory Committee (MALC) Report:

LINK Report: Agenda and Minutes for the above committees can be found on the web at:

Other Business:  

  1. Revisiting allowing a member from Madison’s Board to teleconference for meetings:  Because Barb Dimick, director of MPL, was not present at the board meeting, Phyllis suggested delaying discussion of this topic and putting it on the agenda at a later date. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:36p.m.

H. Moe, Recorder       

For more information about the Board of Trustees, contact Heidi Moe.