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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, January 4, 2007
SCLS Administration

Present:          Belongia, Brewer, Calef, Davis, Dimick, Jensen, McCabe, Morrill, Palmer, Stack, Yurgil

Handouts:       SCID/SCILL Report

CALL TO ORDER:  D. Calef called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m.   

CHANGES/ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: Add SCID/SCILL report prior to committee reports.

Introduction of new PLAC members:  No new members attended.

Appoint Chair of PLAC for 2007: H. Jensen nominated Richard MacDonald as Chair and Gary Yurgil as Vice Chair.  R. McCabe seconded.  Motion carried.  Richard was not present to accept the position.

MINUTES: M. Palmer moved approval of the December 7, 2006 minutes.  L. Belongia seconded.  Motion carried.


Phyllis noted Al Zimmerman at DPI reported an “edit check” problem with the annual reports.  The software will be available January 12th, hopefully, and the annual report packets should be distributed to systems in a week or two.

The membership agreement for PLAC will be reviewed at the February meeting.

LINK circulation was just under 11 million in 2006!!

The Library Emporium is targeted to re-open in February.  Although there is still quite a bit of back log to clear, the higher end items are selling well.

Stef and Phyllis attended the Governor’s inaugural speech.  One of his priorities is education.  Legislators need to understand that libraries are a big part of that.

Sirsi/Dynix has a new investment partner.

DOPA (Defending Online Predators Act) is “dead” as we knew it.

SCLS received an opinion letter from the Attorney General’s office regarding surveillance systems in libraries and privacy/disclosure of the video collected.  PLAC discussed this at length and would like further information about the pros and cons of surveillance equipment and what this interpretation means in practical terms.

Stef noted Jean Anderson has been hired as our CE/Multitype Coordinator.  Her first day will be February 1. 

The Technology position job description is being re-evaluated and there has been some reassigning of specific tasks to Nichole and Dan.  Stef will present the job description to the Jt. Technology committee for their input.

Automation will be interviewing for the cataloging position January 9.

The CE schedule is in the works for 2007 and a great workshop, “Bridges out of Poverty” will be held February 9th.

Novelist is now available for the public, and can be accessed through the “Reference Databases Information” page.  Publicity materials are also available. Two training sessions are scheduled for January 10th and 31st.

OverDrive indicated we must remove all instructions for loading titles onto an iPod because it is a “violation of our contract.”  OverDrive video is still scheduled to arrive February 2007, but we are waiting for the final setup to be completed before sharing screen prints.  Mark Ibach is working on a press release.  The technical staff at OverDrive started collecting data for library-level circulation reports as of January 1.  We should be able to get these reports at the end of the month.

We are keeping an eye on Proquest, which has been sold, and Thomson Gale, which is up for sale.  This may have an impact on our databases.

The Counting Opinions test project, which is a continuous customer survey product that is linked from a library’s website, is progressing and the implementation is close to being finished.  One more library is needed to participate – anyone who is interested should contact Stef.

There were over 1,018,000 bookings, or time slots used at Telus libraries in 2006!!  This is 959,488 sessions, which is over 3,000 sessions per workstation on the system.

The annual meeting will either be held May 11th or April 27th at Devil’s Lake.  The committee will meet to discuss the agenda.

Programs that SCLS submitted to WEMA (Wisconsin Educational Media Association) were accepted.  Registration is open and WLA members may register at the WEMA member rate.  Everyone is encouraged to check out the program because there are many relevant programs for all types of libraries, not just school libraries.

Shawn Brommer has been appointed to the ALA nominating committee for the Association of Library Service to Children.

If any library is looking for specific information about your website usage, you may contact Nichole.  She is using Google Analytics and the information she receives from you will help her develop training and documentation.   

If anyone is interested in AskAway promotion stuff, we have a bunch left over and would like to get rid of it.


Selection of PLAC member as Foundation Representative:   Barbara Brewer volunteered for this position.


  1. Joint Technology Committee:  Meets January 9th.
  1. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Meets January 17. 


  1. Reference Committee: Met Dec 19.  Discussed vendors who have contacted us in the past six months or who have been recommended by anyone at our libraries for possible trials in the coming months.  Two database trials will take place in February.
  1. Multitype: Meets January 9th.  They are still trying to get enough libraries to launch the job shadowing program.  Jean will take over these meetings when she starts in February.


  1. Youth Services:  SCLS has been awarded the $38,500 LSTA family literacy grant for 2007.  Nineteen libraries will participate.
  1. Outreach: No report.


  1. PR Committee:  Met and discussed the direction to go with database publicity.  Mark will be working on some materials that are focused on subject areas, rather than the individual databases.   Also discussed was the development of ongoing training of databases for staff, and the development of a presentation for people to take to groups in the community.  The Citizen Technology Board will be used this month to locate people who don’t use the databases for some focus group/usability testing related to the promotional push.
  1. Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.


They discussed the letter from the attorney general about video surveillance.  The group was very interested in this topic and wanted SCLS to do something for follow-up. Also discussed was the NYT article about the library that closed after school because of behavioral issues.


Meeting adjourned at 11:130 a.m.                             

The next meeting will be February 1, 2007

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.