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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, August 6, 2009
SCLS Administration

Present: Allen, Belongia, Calef, Davis, Friesen, Gerber, Lee, McCabe, Morrill, Stack, Westby

CALL TO ORDER:  B. Stack called the meeting to order at 10:09 a.m. 

CHANGES/ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA:  Identification needed for library card registration will be discussed at the September meeting.

MINUTES: D. Gerber moved approval of the June 4, 2009 minutes.  M. Friesen seconded.  Motion carried.

Phyllis noted the SCLS Foundation received a grant in the amount of $2,100 from Alliant Energy which will help fund a September workshop for kinesthetic learning with Jim Gill as the presenter.   There will also be a fundraiser for the Foundation November 12th which will honor Ann and Peter Hamon with a Cornerstone Award.

System Celebration will be held September 24th at the Windsor Country Club.  Invitations have been sent.

The target date for KOHA installation is Labor Day 2010.

Stef noted there have been some Charter cable issues.  Marshall and Mazomanie have reported that Charter Cable has sent them a bill for internet services, though both libraries received bills for different amounts and unclear messages about how much their monthly service will be.  Both of them were receiving free internet from Charter.  Mazomanie’s municipality had a contract with Charter, so their attorney is looking into this issue.  D. Gerber noted Monona receives a bill for $29.00/month for data from Charter and raised the question of whether they have a right to charge for data?  Marshfield also receives a bill each month.

The new facility space is progressing quickly and we expect the space to be finished in September.  Our move is scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving and we will put more information out regarding our closing, etc. prior to then.

Committee Reports:

a. Joint Technology:
 Approved the LSTA proposal for 2010 and discussed the tech planning process and impact on JTC.

b.  Interlibrary Loan Committee: Met July 29th.  MPL sent a survey about how things are going with ILLiad, etc.  They received good responses and people like the new system.  Postage costs are a concern.  Libraries usually don’t lend computer games, and new versions of Rosetta stone can’t be installed on more than one computer.  A message is being sent to libraries that they shouldn’t request either of these and the info has been updated at

c. Reference Committee:  Did not meet.

d. Multitype: They are going to be applying for LSTA funds in 2010 for a multitype summit to encourage collaboration between multitype and public libraries.

e. Youth Services:  The Summer Library Program is wrapping up this month.  High registration and participation statistics have been reported by member libraries.  This is similar to last summer perhaps because more families are staying home and taking advantage of free events in their own communities.  Shawn is preparing the 2010 LSTA literacy grant, which will focus on family literacy with an emphasis on reaching out to families who live in poverty, are English language learners, teen parents and child care providers.  The annual grassroots meeting is scheduled for August 28.  A JOBS LSTA grant is in the works.  ZoomText software will be purchased with the $4,200 we received from the 2009 LSTA funds.  Requests for this software exceeded our LSTA funds and we hope to buy ZoomText for more libraries in 2010.

f. PR Committee: Reviewed some promotional materials that Trish from Lodi created and will have a nearly finished draft of the webpage for the next meeting.

g. Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.


Database funding formula and authentication:  D. Gerber moved to adopt the database funding formula and authentication.  M. Friesen seconded.  Motion carried.

Annual Meeting Committee:  The question was raised whether or not to hold an annual meeting this year due to all of the other changes taking place with the ILS, the move to a new facility, and the governance changes.  PLAC suggested the meeting be postponed for 2010 and re-evaluated in 2011.  It was suggested that the next annual meeting be a half day CE instead of a full day.

Review of position description for Automation Projects Manager vacancy:  Several changes were suggested.  If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to contact Stef and/or Phyllis by August 15th.

New Governance documents:  There was much positive feedback from PLAC regarding the new governance model.  More discussions and planning will take place at Olbrich Gardens September 18th.

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  Because of the amount of “other business”, there was not a discussion topic.

An Architect will be addressing the Madison City Council for design plans at MPL.

Monona is holding a pie party fundraiser 10/3/09 and the money raised will go toward AWE terminals for the early literacy center in the children’s area.

M. Friesen noted it may be necessary to hold a referendum for the Wyocena library in 5 years or the library may cease to exist.  The library needs to become essential to the community.  Several events are planned to associate the library with the community.
Nekoosa received new carpeting and paint, created a commons area and the isles are now ADA compatible.   A “tailgate party” fundraiser, held at the Nekoosa High School during athletic games, brought in $1,000 last year from the sale of food.  They will be doing the same fundraiser this year.  Darla is expecting a baby in January.

Ron McCabe gave a performance of his songs at MCM.  208 people attended!  An adult film series of classic westerns will be held every Monday beginning in November.  Jack Rhodes, who is a speaker about classic western films, will give a presentation on Tuesday afternoons prior to a movie being shown.

ACL made $2,000 from a recent book sale.  Dan will be participating in the Lodi Run Saturday.

The City of Marshfield included the library in a grant for technology and the library is looking to expand their current building in 2013.

MID is experiencing budget issues, hiring freeze, etc.  Christine Smith will be retiring from MID.

Meeting adjourned at 11:47a.m. 

The next meeting will be September 3, 2009. 

Heidi Moe, Recorder