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Process for Adding New Online Databases

Survey and Results

  1. In March 2008, all SCLS member libraries were surveyed about which shared databases they wanted and didn’t want to continue to pay for.

  2. The survey included the non-discounted prices the libraries pay for the databases. (Libraries are given a discount because of the amount SCLS kicks in.) This was explained in the survey.

  3. If more than 5 libraries were not willing to pay for a database we would evaluate each of those databases in 2008 on a case-by-case basis.  Depending on the database, the libraries involved, and the cost, SCLS may pick up the cost difference to continue to provide system-wide access.   As a result, the list of systemwide databases may be different in 2009.   EXAMPLES:

  4. SCLS will provide authentication support and vendor negotiation for any database subscribed to by more than 5 libraries, as well as PR materials, if requested.  For databases available systemwide, SCLS will provide authentication support, vendor negotiation, training, and PR.

  5. Results of the March 2008 survey:

  6. A similar survey will be repeated every 3 years. 

Adding New Databases

SCLS will arrange a database trial only when at least five member libraries have expressed interest in a database.  Those libraries wishing to trial a database may ask for interest from other libraries through personal contacts or the SCLS email lists scls-announce, scls-reference, scls-directors.  SCLS-arranged trials will be available to and should be announced to all member libraries (via the above email lists) by the libraries who have expressed interest.  If at least five libraries wish to buy a database, SCLS will handle vendor negotiations and authentication.  If less than 5 libraries wish to purchase a database individually, SCLS will only be responsible for authentication.



For more information about the online database selection process, contact Rose Ziech.