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Guidelines and Procedures for Library-Requested Database Trials, and Adding new Databases


  1. WiLS will arrange a database trial at the request of interested SCLS libraries. A trial will include databases with similar subject coverage.
    1. Databases currently available through WiLS can be trialed at any time by individual libraries.
    2. Comparative trials of databases with similar subject content will be conducted in August each year. 
    3. Libraries wishing to trial a database may ask for interest from other libraries through personal contacts or SCLS email lists.
  2. To request a trial, contact WiLS, and include a list of interested libraries and contact names with your request. 
  3. WiLS will inform SCLS of technical issues relating to the databases, which technical staff at SCLS will discuss.  Databases requiring certain plug-ins MAY not be able to be obtained.
  4. WiLS will be responsible for vendor negotiations and pricing information of databases, and will bill libraries for their share of the costs. 
  5. SCLS will be responsible for authentication for databases that libraries subscribe to through WiLS. Vendor requirements and SCLS staff availability will determine authentication set up time. 
  6. SCLS technical staff will discuss any technical issues relating to databases, and MAY reject databases with requirements that will cause technical difficulties.
  7. See "Considerations for individual libraries purchasing online resources" for more information. 



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