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ILS Support

Reporting Bibliovation Problems

Please follow this process when reporting problems (including issues reported by patrons):

  • If you think your problem is critical, check to see if it is listed below
  • If you don't see it there or it's not critical, check the Known Problems Database
  • If you cannot find an entry for your problem, please create a Help Desk ticket by using the online form (preferred method)
    • Be sure to provide a detailed description of the problem, and if applicable, include item or patron barcodes 
    • We welcome phone calls, but using the online form when at all possible helps us manage the tickets on our end

Status of Known Critical/High Problems in Bibliovation

A fix was posted to Bibliovation at 10 pm on 1/22/20 as release 6.00.18. Details are posted in the Release Notes

Recently fixed in Production:

The following items are fixed in the sandbox and will be part of release 6.00.20:

The following are issues that are in the queue for an upcoming release as soon as possible:

Other News

  • 2/19/2020 The minutes from the Feburary ILS Committee meeting are available online.
  • 2/18/2020 Replacement for Crystal reports for on demand reports is available. Read about it here
  • 2/4/2020 The monthly Koha reports for January 2020 can be found online.
  • 2/3/2020 The monthly and LINKcat Mobile reports for January are posted.
  • 1/28/2020 11,639 bibliographic records were added and/or updated in the database between 10/30/19 and 1/27/20.
  • 1/28/2020 1,514 bibliographic records with no items attached (that were created before 10/1/19) were deleted from the database.
  • 1/28/2020 19,325 items and 2,213 bibliographic records (with only withdrawn items attached) were deleted in the monthly batch deletion of withdrawn items.
  • 1/22/2020 There is Bibliovation a point release being added to production tonight after 10 pm. Details are posted in the Release Notes
  • 1/22/2020 The minutes from the January CSS Meeting are available online.
  • 1/22/2020 The minutes from the January DIS Meeting are available online.
  • 1/16/2020 The minutes from the January CMS Meeting are available online.
  • 1/9/2020 Two new Collection Codes are available in Bibliovation: BKYFIWL and BKYNFWL. See the LINKcat News blog post for more details.
  • 1/3/2020 The monthly and LINKcat Mobile reports for December are posted.
  • 1/3/2020 The monthly Koha reports for December 2019 can be found online.  ILS Staff are still working on the messages report.  When it is available we will notify libraries by email.