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Lost and Found in Delivery

SCLS Delivery maintains a list of items reported lost or found within the Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Network.  The list is available as a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet.  It is updated as items are added or removed, and at the beginning of each month.

To add items to the list, please send the item information using the lost and found list item submission form.  Please include as many of the following pieces of information as you have available:

  • item format
  • call number
  • author
  • title
  • barcode number
  • owning library
  • additional notes

Submitted items will be added to the spreadsheet and a notice with the item information will be posted on the SCLS Delivery Service blog. Posts from March 2007 onward can be viewed in the blog archive.

Items not found or claimed are automatically removed from the list after six months.

Libraries are encouraged to periodically check their shelves to see if "lost" materials have been shelved at their library by mistake. If you find any lost items, please send them directly to the owning library.  If a lost item has been returned to you please notify us to have it removed from the list.

Questions about the list or the submission procedure can be directed to Tim Drexler.

The Lost and Found list

Items reported lost before September 1, 2017: Lost and Found list (PDF) file last updated: August 30, 2017

Items reported lost after September 1, 2017 are listed below.

For more information, contact: 
Title Call number Author Bar code Owning library Item format Posted Other notes
Agewise: fighting the new ageism in America 305.26 G973 Margaret Morganroth Gullette 50160010740745 Milwaukee Area Technical College Book June 12, 2018
We borrowed this book to the Cross Plains Public Library and it was due in April. The patron from that library stated she returned it to another library but did not know which one. As of 6/12/18, Milwaukee Area Technical College has yet to receive the book back. Please check to make sure the book was not returned to any of your libraries. Thank You!
When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing 153.753 Pin Pink, Daniel H. 36657005710228 STP Book June 18, 2018
book is damaged & withdrawn. patron who paid for book is expecting it. Was sent 6/7 by STP in an inter-departmental mail envelope.
M1016.H39 C443 Haydn & Boccherini 317759175172 UWSP University Library Compact Disc September 5, 2018
A Wrinkle in Time WRI 2018 version 33019007049555 Beaver Dam Community Library Book September 14, 2018
This was supposedly returned to Waupun Public Library by a patron on September 4, 2018. It usually does not take this long to get back, so it might be lost.
How we got to now : six innovations that made the modern world T14.5 .J64 2014 Steven Johnson 100667278 UW-Green Bay Book October 11, 2018
This item was returned by UW-Milwaukee around 9/20/18, but hasn't made it back to UW-Green Bay yet.
Talking pictures: images and messages rescued from the past TR680 .R54 2012 Ransom Riggs 3153203891925 UW-River Falls Book October 15, 2018
This item was checked in at UW Madison on 9/15/18 and was shipped but hasn't made it back to River Falls yet.
Dream Dancer S.F. M83 Janet Morris 33006001320884 Unknown (above barcode it says, "VLS-MO" Other October 16, 2018
This is a dust jacket only. It arrived at SCLS Delivery in an envelope labeled "WT-Circ 760." There is a post-it note on the item that says that the patron is "Beth Klassy #453379." It was either sent by or owned by a library that receives delivery from the Waltco company. The book itself might be/have been an ILL item. We received it on 10/10/18. (I contacted WVLS and NWLS but both said that it is not theirs.)
The Wrath of Capital Neoliberalism and Climate Change Politics ISBM #9780231158282 Adrian Parr Published by New York Columbia University Press in 2013 Request #2269925 WIEA University of Superior Jim Dan Hill Library Superior, WI 54880 Book October 16, 2018
Called 715-378-4452 on 08/06/2018 and spoke to Kathy-Director. She remembered the book and stated it had been loaned out to a patron but she thought it had been returned. She was going to check again but we never got any response. We never received this book on our end. Patron requested book on 05/17/2018. We have now been billed for this item, over $90.00.
Narrative methods for the human sciences H 61.295 .R54 N37 2008 Catherine Kohler Riessman 1139446 Todd Wehr Memorial Library Viterbo University Book October 23, 2018 Title in Red Letters, 251 pages, published in 2008
Applied statistics : from bivariate through multivariate techniques HA31.35 .W37 2013 Rebecca M. Warner 3177512132070 UW Stevens Point University Library Book October 29, 2018
Dopesick : dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America RC568.O45 M33 2018 Beth Macy 3177513151222 UW Stevens Point University Library Book October 30, 2018 Item Returned by borrower 10/18/18. Not received as of 10/30/18.
Gerry Mulligan Vol. 2 : seven classic albums M1366.M84 G45 2014 Mulligan, Gerry 3177512760500 UW Stevens Point University Library Compact Disc October 30, 2018 Returned by partner 10/19/18. Not received as of 10/30/18.
Burmese Days George Orwell *W1-BFG-225* unknown (this is a "found" item) Book November 2, 2018 Item was accidentally sent to SCLS Delivery on the week of October 29th, 2018.
Theoretical neuroscience : computational and mathematical modeling of neural systems QP363.3 .D39 2001 Peter Dayan and L.F. Abbott 317758836051 UW Stevens Point University Library Book November 21, 2018
Returned by Partner 11/8/18. En route from UW Madison Physics Library to UW Stevens Point University Library.
Circulation & Reserves Supervisor 6082626914 Walters, Carl J Non-UW ILL item that was borrowed by a researcher at USGS Book November 28, 2018
This was an ILL item (and not a UW System ILL item) that was borrowed by a researcher at USGS and returned by mistake to an Ebling book drop - it should have some identifying slip marking it as a USGS ILL item.
The Founding Fathers' guide to the constitution 342.73 MCC McClanahan, Brion T. 33019005331138 Beaver Dam Community Library Book December 7, 2018
This book was returned by the Watertown Public Library on 8/20/2018 but has not been received at the Beaver Dam Library as of 12/7/18.