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Lost and Found in Delivery

SCLS Delivery maintains a list of items reported lost or found within the Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Network.  The list is available as a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet.  It is updated as items are added or removed, and at the beginning of each month.

To add items to the list, please send the item information using the lost and found list item submission form.  Please include as many of the following pieces of information as you have available:

  • item format
  • call number
  • author
  • title
  • barcode number
  • owning library
  • additional notes

Submitted items will be added to the spreadsheet and a notice with the item information will be posted on the SCLS Delivery Service blog. Posts from March 2007 onward can be viewed in the blog archive.

Items not found or claimed are automatically removed from the list after six months.

Libraries are encouraged to periodically check their shelves to see if "lost" materials have been shelved at their library by mistake. If you find any lost items, please send them directly to the owning library.  If a lost item has been returned to you please notify us to have it removed from the list.

Questions about the list or the submission procedure can be directed to Brinnan Shaffer.

The Lost and Found list

Items reported lost before September 1, 2017: Lost and Found list (PDF) file last updated: August 30, 2017

Items reported lost after September 1, 2017 are listed below.

Title Call number Author Bar code Owning library Item format Posted Other notes
Melodrama and modernity : early sensational cinema and its contexts PN1995.9 M45 S56 2001 Singer, Ben. 89089935639 UW-Madison Memorial Library Book April 8, 2024 Returned by UW-Superior on 6/13/23, never arrived to UW-Madison.
Inside the subject : a theory of identity for the study of writing PN145 .S196 2017 Sanchez, Raul 89131500670 UW-Madison Memorial Library Book April 8, 2024 Returned by UW-Milwaukee 5/5/23, never arrived to UW-Madison
Visual thinking in mathematics : an epistemological study QA8.4 G534 2007 Giaquinto, M. 89095879128 UW-Madison AMP Library Book April 8, 2024 Returned by UW-La Crosse on 5/4/23, never arrived at UW-Madison
Seek you: a journey through American loneliness PN6727.R334 S44 2021 Radtke, Kristen 3177512714770 UW Marshfield Book March 6, 2024 Lost returning from UWEauClaire to UWStevensPoint
International building code 2015 KF5701 .I524 2014 International Code Council. UW-Platteville (Karrmann Library) Book February 27, 2024
shipped from UW-Platteville 1/30/24 and still not received at Northcentral Technical College (in Wausau) on 2/27/24.
Politics in high latitudes : the Svalbard Archipelago JX4084.S94 O3713 1978 Østreng, Willy 31198001096309 UW Oshkosh Polk Library Book February 26, 2024 Returned in July 2023, never received at UW Oshkosh
Dark was the night DAR 33019007103980 Beaver Dam Community Library DVD February 22, 2024 Shipped to MINITEX on 1-29-24, they have still not received.
Golden and blue like my heart : masculinity, youth, and power among soccer fans in Mexico City GV943.9.S64 M34 2007 Magazine, Roger 31198007290591 UW-Oshkosh Polk Library Book February 19, 2024 Returned by UW-Madison on 08/16/2023, never received at UW-Oshkosh Polk Library
Speciation QH380 .C68 2004 Coyne, Jerry A. 31198007069565 UW-Oshkosh Polk Library Book February 19, 2024 Returned at UW-Madison 09/23/2023, never received by UW-Oshkosh Polk Library
The two-parent privilege : how the decline in marriage has increased inequality and lowered social mobility, and what we can do HQ536 .K36 2023 Kearney, Melissa S. 89136643137 Memorial Library Book February 13, 2024
Sent to UW-Milwaukee on 01/19/2024, never arrived and not found at UW-Madison either.
The fascism this time : and the global future of democracy 320.533 H674f 2020 Horesh, Theo 25055001590350 Mount Mary University Book January 29, 2024
Returned by UW-Madison on 9/15/23, has not been received at Mount Mary University or any SWITCH location.
Gunsmoke, the second season, volume 1 (DVD) 791.45 GUN SEAS.2 VOL.1 33019006027834 Beaver Dam Community Library DVD January 26, 2024
Sent to Edgerton Public Library (Prairie Lakes hub) on Jan 5 2024. Item still not received at borrowing library. It would have been sent as a single DVD case with a shipping label held on with rubber band. Checked lending library's shelves, and not found.
What is intelligence? / BF431 W427 1994 Khalfa, Jean. 89045879475 UW-Madison Memorial Library Book January 25, 2024 Returned by UW-La Crosse 05/04/2023, hasn't been seen at UW-Madison
Federal narcotics laws and the war on drugs : money down a rat hole / KF3890 R69 2006 Rowe, Thomas C. 89092304567 UW-Madison College Library Book January 25, 2024 Returned by UW-Platteville in July 2023, still hasn't arrived to UW-Madison
Aberrations in black : toward a queer of color critique PS374.B635 F47 2004 Ferguson, Roderick A. 306280015583828 UW-Eau Claire McIntyre Library Book January 23, 2024 Returned at UW-Madison in September 2022, but not received at UW-Eau Claire
Forensic archaeology : multidisciplinary perspectives CC79.F67 F67 2019 Moran, Kimberlee Sue 89124695628 UW-Madison Memorial Library Book January 22, 2024
Returned at UW-Platteville 09/28/2023, never arrived to UW-Madison Memorial Library
The Diction of the Anglo-Saxon metrical psalms BS132 .D5 Diamond, Robert E. 317751237217 UW-Stevens Point Book January 18, 2024 Lost Returning from UW Madison Memorial to UW Stevens Point
Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking BF698.35.I59 C35 2013 Cain, Susan 3447410387948 UW Marshfield Book January 18, 2024 Lost returning from UW Madison Memorial to UW Marshfield
Standing on sacred ground V.1 BL580 .S73 McLeod, Christopher, 3177512446482 UW-Stevens Point DVD January 18, 2024 Lost sending from UW Stevens Point to UW Superior
Graphic design : a new history NC998.E85 2019X Stephen Eskilson UW-Green Bay Cofrin Library Book December 19, 2023 Returned by UW-Madison Memorial on 10/29/23 but never received in GB.
22 Jump Street D 22 Jump Street Bacall, Michael 89063206536 UW-Madison College Library DVD November 19, 2023
Sent to UW-Oshkosh from College Library on 10/13/23. Not found at UW-Oshkosh or College Library as of 11/19/23.