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Linking to Online Resources

BadgerLink Resources

If you place links on your own website to BadgerLink resources, please use the links in columns D or E from this BadgerLink Google Spreadsheet.

  • Column G - URL for the BadgerLink page about the resource which contains description, intended audience, available training resources, and link into the resource
  • Column D - official authenticated URL which will take users directly into the resource

Please also credit BadgerLink! Find more information about linking to BadgerLink resources on BadgerLink on your Website

SCLS System-Wide Resources

These URLs can be used on your website to link to system-wide SCLS resources.

Locally-Subscribed Resources

Find the URL for a resource:

  1. Navigate to the SCLS Online Resources by Name page.
  2. Find the resource to which you'd like to link.
  3. Right-click on the link to the resource and select either "Copy link" (Edge and Firefox) or "Copy link address" (Chrome).
  4. Use the URL you copied to create your link.
For more information, contact: