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Annual Purge of Old Charges

How often: 
How often:  Annual
Audience: Members

Report type: Annual

Run on: November

Run for: Charges that are over 10 years old

About the report: The Annual Purge of Old Charges is a purge of charges that are over 10 years old where the total of those charges is less than $100.  Waiving the old charges clears old debt that is unlikely to be recovered and also helps to clear the database of expired patron records that had only been retained due to the charges on the account.  This process can clear enough charges on those expired patron records so that they can be purged during the annual Purge of Inactive Patrons.

Because many of these charges no longer contain the original charging (owning) library or item information, the charge totals are listed by the patron's home library. 

If the library wishes to retain the charges, the best way is to create a "new" manual invoice for the charge. 


Note: These reports are large and make take additional time to download or open.  Detailed instructions are located in the Circulation Manual, Section XII Circulation and Statistical reports, Part D, Annual Purge of Old Charges