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Delivery recommendations for new buildings and renovations

Contact Delivery directly before starting design.


  • Parking overhead to accommodate vehicles 12 and 1/2 feet high.

    SCLS delivery service sometimes needs to serve stops with large vehicles. We request that entrances, exits and loading/unloading zones not have overhead obstacles that may cause vehicle and property damage. Also, as much as possible, design easy in and out access to the delivery parking location to minimize vehicle backing and tight maneuvering.
  • Easy access to entrance from parking/loading area.

    The shorter the distance we need to transport materials from our vehicle to the delivery entrance, the less chance for driver injury and/or material damage from a spill. This includes having a path that is absent of steps and curbs and is pitched to avoid ice build up along entrance path.
  • Separate entrance from patron entrance.

    With the volume of material being brought in, it is more convenient and safer for delivery staff, library staff and patrons if loaded hand-trucks are taken through a separate entrance.
  • 48 inch entrance door or larger that is able to stay in open position.

    This provides adequate clearance and allows the delivery person to use both hands bringing materials in and out, saving on damage to the entrance door from the handcart hitting against it.
  • Have an unobstructed path or locate entrance in close proximity to the work area where staff will want materials exchanged.

    This again will save on building bumps and nicks from the driver moving materials through the building. Placing materials where library staff will need them minimizes lifting and moving baskets of materials.
  • Design delivery entrance, delivery exchange site, staff work area, book drop placement and circulation desk area to facilitate material handling efficiency, staff safety and to accommodate for delivery volume growth.

    Designing a flexible staff work area to handle all material processing and sorting (delivery, book drop, etc.) located adjacent to the circulation desk will provide you with the best ability to develop efficient material handling procedures.
  • Consider furnishing staff work area with multi-position workstations to ease the strain and fatigue associated with repetitive motion tasks.

    The ability to raise and lower the desk height of staff terminals used for processing delivery and holds can reduce the amount of bending, lifting and over-reaching staff currently do to work through the red basket deliveries.
  • For libraries receiving 4 or more baskets in delivery each day, your location may be a candidate for Delivery's cart exchange system.

    Any planning of the library's circulation area and, if applicable, any separate workroom where delivery materials will be processed, should take into consideration the potential use of the delivery carts. Delivery can provide dimensions or samples of the carts to assist architects and building design consultants.



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