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Continuing Education Grants General Guidelines

The South Central Library System began to award grants in 1983 through an application process to staff and trustees of SCLS member libraries enabling them to participate in library related continuing education programs produced by organizations other than South Central.

The intent of this program is to supplement local continuing education efforts, not to supplant them. A lump sum has been proposed in the System's budget for its 54 libraries. Listed below is a limit, not a guaranteed amount for each library. Since 2012, requests for funds exceeded the amount available.

Libraries may also apply for a CE Grant to help fund a staff in-service or staff training workshop. Funds count towards a library's annual grant limit.

Grant Dollar Application Limits:

  • $2500 for Madison Public Library and its branches.
  • $1300 for Portage County Public Library and its branches.
  • $1100 for libraries requiring directors to have a Grade I certification.
  • $900 for libraries requiring directors to have a Grade 2 or 3 certification.
  • $400 maximum per grant application (exceptions will be made for classes for Public Library Director Certification)

Persons Eligible:

  • Any staff member or trustee of any SCLS member public library.
  • SCLS member public library.

Eligible Activities:

  • Workshops offered by other library systems, libraries, or multitype networks.
  • Pre-conference workshops.
  • UW Continuing Education Services programs including the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS).
  • Courses (non-credit) offered by an academic institution, i.e., business, Internet, management, etc.
  • Workshops or programs offered by non-library agencies and organizations to enhance professional growth.

Eligible Activities with limitations:

Non-eligible Activities:

  • Costs associated with participating on committees.
  • Course work leading to a bachelor's or master's degree, or certificate program
  • Costs of tours and special events associated with a conference.

Eligible Expenses:

  • Tuition, fee, or registration fees. Conference fees are based on early registration and member fees.  Individuals must cover the difference between member and non-member fees.
  • Mileage reimbursed at SCLS rates ($.51/mile as of September 2016).
  • Meals reimbursed at SCLS rates ($50 a day maximum). Exception: covers set cost of a meal when it is part of a meeting/program.
  • Lodging.
  • Other, such as parking and transportation.

Non-eligible Expense:

  • Individual's salary for the time spent at the program.
  • Individual membership fees for state, national, or regional associations.


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