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Delivery Workflows Work Group

This meeting will be held on the Fourth Thursday of the month from 10 - 11:30 am via phone/video conference unless otherwise noted.


Renee Daley and Cassi Williams (co-representatives) (ROM; Cluster 1), Roxanne Staveness (RIO; Cluster 2; RFID), Eddie Glade & Janet Schroeder (STP; Cluster 4; Self Check + RFID),  Eric Norton (MCM; Cluster 6; Self Check + RFID ), Stacey Burkart (VER; Cluster 8; Sorter + Self Check + RFID), Emily Noffke (MTH; Cluster 8; Self Check), Jennifer Foster (FCH; Cluster 8; Sorter + Self Check + RFID), Todd Cox & Nate Snortum (co-representatives) (DCL; Clusters 9-10), Margie Navarre Saaf (MPL; Clusters 11-13; Self Check + RFID)

The group will work together to identify workflows that may benefit from additional study. This group will also study the pros and cons of a sorter at SCLS Delivery and how it might impact library workflow.
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