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Delivery Workflows Work Group

This meeting will be held on the Fourth Thursday of the month from 10 - 11:30 am via phone/video conference unless otherwise noted.


Renee Daley and Cassi Williams (co-representatives) (ROM; Cluster 1), Roxanne Staveness (RIO; Cluster 2; RFID), Eddie Glade & Janet Schroeder (STP; Cluster 4; Self Check + RFID),  Eric Norton (MCM; Cluster 6; Self Check + RFID ), Stacey Burkart (VER; Cluster 8; Sorter + Self Check + RFID), Emily Noffke (MTH; Cluster 8; Self Check), Jennifer Foster (FCH; Cluster 8; Sorter + Self Check + RFID), Todd Cox & Nate Snortum (co-representatives) (DCL; Clusters 9-10), Margie Navarre Saaf (MPL; Clusters 11-13; Self Check + RFID), Vicki Teal Lovely (SCLS), Corey Baumann (SCLS), Heidi Oliversen (SCLS), Tracie Miller (SCLS)

The group will work together to identify workflows that may benefit from additional study. This group will also study the pros and cons of a sorter at SCLS Delivery and how it might impact library workflow.
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