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Multi-part DVDs Packaging Workgroup

The Multi-part DVDs Packaging Workgroup meetings are scheduled and listed below. The meetings will be held by phone/videoconference unless otherwise noted. Minutes from these meetings will be distributed to group members via email.



Tom Campbell (MAD), Kathy Wolkoff (MEA), Eric Crow (MTH), Eric Norton (MCM), Autumn Baumann (POR), Chris Baker (POR), LuAnn Kranz (DFT), Judy Taft (ACL), Rebecca Swanson (FCH), Laura Dewey (ORE), Heather Garvey (SUN), Nate Snortum (DCL), Sarah Bukrey (STO), Katelyn Van Lankvelt (SKC), Alison Wirth (STP), Katrina Linde-Moriarty (MNT), Vicki Teal Lovely (SCLS), Heidi Oliversen (SCLS), Amy Gannaway (SCLS), Kayla Linke (SCLS).


To be determined at the first meeting on March 2, 2021.

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