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Printing Guidelines

Under SCLS printing guidelines, libraries will not be charged for standard promotional or instructional materials for LINKcat or Speak Up for Your Library materials. However, SCLS does reserve the right to limit the number of copies per request.

For other printing requests, SCLS will provide free printing for each member library, up to a specified annual total. Those totals are:

  • $255 for libraries in communities under 900 population
  • $285 for libraries in communities with populations from 901-3,000
  • $335 for libraries in communities with populations from 3,001-10,000
  • $540 for libraries in communities with populations from 10,001+

Printing costs and reimbursements for Madison Public Library and its branches are covered through other agreements, so Madison will not be subject to these specific annual totals.

SCLS will determine printing costs as follows:

  • For printing done on SCLS copiers (typically smaller quantities), the cost per copy will be $0.075/side for color and $0.035/side for black and white (regardless of paper size). There is no price reduction for larger quantities.
  • For print jobs outsourced either to Madison Public Library's print shop, or other sources like Badger State Industries or private printers, costs will be provided by the printing contractor. These options may give you a lower price per copy, but they also may require more lead time.

For printing done on SCLS copiers, there may be additional charges for finishing work like folding, cutting, stapling, or assembling into pads. These additional costs will depend on the particular job.

Print requests over 1,000 copies wil be sent to Madison Public Library Print Shop for printing, and the library will be billed. You will be informed before printing if we need to send out of house. If you don't need the 1,000 (or more) at one time, you can always request less and then order more later. This means we can print your order in-house, which should stretch your printing allotment.

Items that must go to Madison:

  • Envelopes (anything other than white is special order and will cost more)
  • Carbonless forms
  • Items that need to be padded
  • Booklets that require hand collating, stapling and folding. We will let you know if your request requires this, but most won’t.

Due to storage limitations, SCLS will stock only the following Astrobrite Colors. Requests for other colors will require delays until paper is ordered, or printing at Madison Public Library for which the library will be billed. Special color requests should be made several weeks in advance of when printing is needed. Libraries may provide their own paper.

  • Cosmic Orange
  • Solar Yellow
  • Pulsar Pink
  • Rocket Red
  • Terra Green
  • Galaxy Gold
  • Lunar Blue

Summer Library Program Printing Details

SCLS will continue to print some Summer Library Program (SLP) materials at no cost for member libraries, but there are quantity limitations. Printing in excess of the quantities outlined below are charged against the library's annual total (above).

  • Performer Fliers -- SCLS will design and print up to 150 sheets of standard format flyers per performer.
  • Program Brochures -- SCLS will design and print up to 1,500 two-sided brochures in black ink and 750 in full color. Quantities above the 1,500 & 750 will charged to the library's budget.
  • Activity Sheets -- There is a 150 copy maximum per item due to limited paper supplies and press time. These will be deducted from your annual library printing allotment.
  • Reading Logs & Bookmarks -- These will be deducted from your annual library printing allotment.

Libraries can request printing quotes if desired.

For more information, contact: