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Returning ILL Items

Return ILL items the same way they are received, along with all paperwork received with the item.

If the item can be returned via the Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Service Network use a pink intersystem routing label, following the instructions at Routing Label Guidelines.

Returning Minitex Items

Minitex libraries are libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota. Not all Minitex libraries are on the Delivery network. If you received an item from a Mintex library in SCLS Delivery you can return it to them via SCLS Delivery. If you received it via UPS or US Mail, return it the same way.

Example of a pink intersystem routing label

Non-LINKcat Libraries Returning LINKcat Library Materials

Use the goldenrod SCLS routing label to return material to SCLS public libraries using SCLS Delivery.

Example of a goldenrod SCLS routing label

If the item cannot be returned using the guidelines for the pink or goldenrod labels above, return via mail, using the same type of container the item was received in, and the return mailing label received with the item. Do not return AV items in jiffy bags.

Special instructions for Library of Congress:  Return items via FedEx or UPS. 

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