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Library Innovation Subcommittee Charge

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The Library Innovation Subcommittee is a proactive working group that responds to innovative library service and program ideas from all SCLS Member Library and System staff. We are aware of trends in the library profession and in the world at large, we learn about new ideas from library colleagues & community partners, and we identify possibilities for program execution. We hope to inspire and foster new library innovations and identify methods for implementation in libraries of all sizes. The Library Innovation Subcommittee champions ideas and successes of all SCLS member libraries and staff. We are comfortable with thinking outside-the-box, brainstorming ideas, asking questions, discussing concerns about topics, exploring outcomes, and creating solutions.


Member library directors and staff reported the need for SCLS System staff to be visionary and facilitators of ideas and innovation in the March 2013 All Directors’ Cluster Survey and continues throughout the annual Library Visits conducted by SCLS staff. Library directors and staff also reported a need for opportunities to informally gather and share ideas with one another.


  1. The Library Innovation Subcommittee monitors trends and innovation specifically in the library world, but also the world at large.
  2. We meet regularly.
  3. We elicit service and program ideas from all library staff.
  4. We share ideas with all stakeholders in the System.
  5. Implementation:
    1. The Library Innovation Subcommittee is not solely responsible for implementing suggestions and ideas. We gather and share ideas with appropriate Member Library and System staff and existing committees and work groups.
    2. We support program implementation by checking in with appropriate staff and committees and by communicating updates to all Member Library and System staff.
  6. We suggest ideas for webinars and workshops.


  • An idea is submitted to or formed by the Library Innovation Subcommittee.
  • Any member library staff can attend any meeting of the Library Innovation Subcommittee. They can ask the Chair to add an item to the agenda or send ideas to the contact form.
  • The Library Innovation Subcommittee discusses the idea—explores costs, barriers, opportunities, resources needed, etc.
  • Gauges interest/commitment of member libraries.
  • If an idea is recommended for implementation a proposal will be forwarded to appropriate system staff or existing SCLS committee, subcommittee or work group.
  • Implementation is dependent on the existing schedule of on-going projects.
  • Subcommittee regularly submits reports to the Administrative Council.


Regular, timely, and transparent communication with all library and system staff, SCLS committees, and library boards is crucial for this subcommittee. Clear meeting notes will be taken at all subcommittee meetings by a member of the SCLS staff. Methods of communication include:

  • Updates, meeting notes, and notices of action items will be posted to the subcommittee’s web site and email list.
  • Reports will be submitted to the Administrative Council and appropriate SCLS committees.
  • Meeting notes will identify action items and timelines and will explain reasons for decisions.

Subcommittee Composition:

Membership on this subcommittee is open to staff of SCLS member libraries. The subcommittee will have members selected in the following manner:

  • Each of the seven counties within SCLS is encouraged to select a member to represent them and a county may have more than one member on the subcommittee. A county that does not have a representative may remain unrepresented; however, subcommittee members will actively seek input from the libraries in that county.
  • Participation is flexible and open-ended based on interest or projects (no terms or elections, open to any SCLS member library staff).
  • The SCLS Consultant Team will serve as the primary staff liaisons.
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