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Advocacy/Community Support

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is "Public support for, or recommendation of, a particular cause or policy," or, “The act of arguing on behalf of a particular issue, institution, idea or person."  This sounds like a big idea and it is.  Libraries are sometimes scared off by the advocacy concept.  The term conjures up standing in unity at the capitol or the like, writing to state representatives, understanding complicated legislation…and sometimes it does.  Imagine this, what if your library community loved the library so much, they stood up for it?  This is probably the most successful way to advocate.  Community leaders listen to their taxpayers.  If they support the library, so will your leaders.

The Importance of Having an Advocacy Plan

You already know the importance of having a strategic plan and a marketing plan.  Who has time for creating another plan?  Most you are busy library leaders, but the time for creating an advocacy plan is not at the time of crisis.  If you have community support already, you have a major component of advocacy.  Planning helps you achieve that goal.

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