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Selfcheck Usage

How often: 

Run on: First business day of the month

Run for: The previous month

About the report: Count of the total selfcheck transactions by library. 

As of 2024, the report now includes both checkouts and renewals.  NOTE: As renewals are credited to the original checkout library, there will be renewal transactions at non-selfcheck libraries and the renewal statistics for your library may not match the information from your selfchecks as your selfchecks will count all renewals done at that unit, not just the ones where your library was the original checkout location.

There is currently a bug when a patron chooses to renew an item by scanning it in the Checkout screen instead of using the Account screen to renew the item.  If an item is renewed through the Checkout screen, the statistics are recorded in Bibliovation but are not marked as being from a selfcheck so will not show on the report.  The statistics for those transactions will show in your total circulation numbers but not on the selfcheck report.

If libraries want the total transactions by individual selfcheck, they'll still need to use the reports on the individual selfchecks.