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Recycling Computers and Other Equipment

SCLS has partnered with File13 to provide recycling of computers and other equipment. For a low cost of 35 cents a pound you will be able to send your old computer equipment through SCLS Delivery for environmentally-friendly recycling.

Steps to recycle equipment

  1. Box up smaller equipment you wish to recycle (PCs to be recycled may be sent without a box). SCLS has a few boxes available to send to you if you don’t have any--call the help desk if you need one.
  2. Attach a note to each item or box you send indicating your three-letter agency code.  File13 will use that for billing you back.
  3. Contact Brad Guenther at SCLS Delivery to coordinate the number of items and a date to send them through delivery. 

If you have a large number of items that you would like to recycle you can contact Ed directly at File13 for a pick-up of your equipment at 608-221-1313. It’s still only 35 cents a pound.


For more information, contact: