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SCLS Partnership Program

In 2010, the SCLS Technology Team proposed a new service available to our member libraries: The SCLS Partnership Program.

We are now ready to start offering this service to libraries who are interested in having more day-to-day control over their staff PCs. After reading through the description of the program listed above, there are several steps that need to be completed before your library is ready to participate.

  1. The Library Director will need to sign the Partnership Program Memorandum of Understanding and return it to SCA - Attn: VTL
  2. After the MOU is signed, the Library Director will indicate which staff members and which library PCs will participate in the Partnership Program. It is highly recommended that the number of participating staff members is kept to a minimum due to security issues as well as the need for each staff member to be trained.
  3. A training session will be scheduled between the new participants and SCLS staff.  Documents created for the training sessions include:
  4. After the training session is complete, Partnership Program user accounts will be created and distributed to the participants.
For more information, contact: