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Technology Help

For SCLS Library Staff Only

Reporting Online (any time)

Use the appropriate form below. We will try to address issues marked High within 8 business hours after they are submitted. Call or page for urgent problems instead of using the forms.

SCLS Help Desk Portal

Everything you need to know about creating a Help Desk Portal account is in this Tech News blog post.

Bibliovation Serials

  • Use for all serials issues. Follow the directions on the page.

Self Help & Information

SCLS Status wiki (urgent problems)

Recommended Emergency closure procedures (2/17)

Bibliovation Known Problems

Technology Page (Technology web page)

Technology News (Technology news blog)


LINKcat News Blog (informational articles on new features, etc.)

Browse the Bibliovation Module pages for documentation, workflow tips, etc.
(See left sidebar.)

Escalating Problems

If you have reported a problem that has not been addressed within a reasonable period of time, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.

Reporting by Phone (8:30-5:00 M-F)

If you have an urgent problem or prefer reporting by phone, call the Help Desk:

While we are working remotely, please call this number for the Help Desk:

(608) 571-7243

The Helpdesk Portal is still the preferred way to submit tickets, but library staff members who are working from home without remote access to the SCLS network can submit a ticket by sending an email to

(608) 242-4710 (Local)
(855) 583-2435 (Toll free)

Reporting Urgent Problems

For urgent problems during regular business hours, call the Help Desk. call the After Hours Support number (see below). Do not use the portal to report urgent problems at any time.

Urgent problems are down-time and serious response time issues with system-wide or building-wide services (except GetIt and Crystal Reports).

Check the SCLS Status Wiki to see if the problem has already been reported, but feel free to report any additional details.

After Hours Support

Report urgent problems after normal help desk hours via the After Hours phone number. Do not use the portal to report urgent issues. The ticket portal is not monitored outside of business hours.

(608) 571-7243 (PAGE)

Leave a Voice Message with the requested info. SCLS staff should respond within 15 minutes (whenever possible).

After Hours Support Hours:

  • M-F 7:00 am to 8:30am AND 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Saturday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • No holiday coverage for major holidays when all libraries are closed.
For more information, contact: