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Domain Names for South Central Public Libraries

If you host your web site on the SCLS web server, you may request a shorter or catchier URL, or domain name, for your site. Having a shorter or more recognizable URL can make publicizing services and information on your library's website easier.

If you are interested in getting a different domain name for your site, here's what you do:

1. Pick a new URL and find out if it is available:

Visit or another registration service.  Search for your selection.

No-cost domain names:

WiscNet can provide a free domain name for your site. Domain names issued by WiscNet end with "," so you could get a domain name like

2. Once you find a new URL that is available, contact Rose Ziech.

SCLS will register this name for you and bill you the costs for the yearly registration (unless you are using a "" name from WiscNet).  Currently, we use and as our registration sites.  Costs per domain name are approximately $15-35 per year.

Some work will need to be done by SCLS staff to complete the connection between your website and your new domain name.



For more information, contact: