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What to Do While You're Waiting for Your Drupal 9 Migration

Library staff may prepare for their website's Drupal 9 migration by making updates to their website.

Delete past events, unneeded content, and unused files

Purpose: Removing past events and any other content that is no longer needed can:

  • Allow the automated portion of a site migration to proceed more quickly (less content = fewer items to process).
  • Reduce the amount of content that needs checking and/or manual cleanup following the migration.
  • Reduce server space consumed by obsolete files.

Deleting past events & unneeded content

  • Before deleting, check that "repeating" events do not have repeating dates that extend into the present/future.
  • Deleting content does not remove all links to the content. Remove menu links and links on other content pages that may point to unneeded content.
  • Deleting content does not remove images/files on the server that may be referenced/linked in the content Body/Description field.

Deleting unneeded images & files

  • Use the file browser to delete unneeded images/files.
  • Deleting images/files in the file browser doesn't remove references/links to the files that may exist in remaining content pages.

Cleaning up blocks

  1. Visit Structure > Blocks and scroll to the Disabled section at the bottom.
  2. Click the configure link next to each block and review its settings.
  3. If you have blocks labeled "Mini panel," they may be using configuration from blocks that are disabled. Do not delete blocks if you suspect this to be the case.
  4. Delete blocks only if you are certain they are not in use on your site and are not needed any more.

Cleaning up menu links

  1. Visit Structure > Menus > Main menu - list links.
  2. Look for menu links that are disabled (the check-box in the "Enabled" column will be un-checked).
  3. If disabled menu links are no longer needed, delete them.

Check for Zen theme

Sites that use a "Zen" base theme in Drupal 7 will require an update that will allow some cosmetic changes as we make the required theming updates. To know if your site uses Zen:

  1. Visit Structure > Blocks.
  2. Look at the tabs at the top of the screen. They will say either "Zen for <your library name>" or "Bootstrap for <your library name>." Your library's theme is Zen based if you have one for Zen but not for Bootstrap.

If your library's site uses a "Zen" base theme, the types of changes we'll be able to support include:

  • Adjustments to colors, fonts, etc. (including custom/Google fonts).
  • Adding a logo (that you have already or develop with Deb Haeffner or another graphic designer separate from the migration project).
  • Some rearrangement of homepage block layouts.
For more information, contact: