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Who To Contact For Help

Who to contact for help:
General Information
Story prop kits and Ellison/Accu-Cut Booking
Big Books
Expectations for member libraries

General Information
Shawn Brommer - 608-246-7974
Contact Shawn for general questions regarding the SLP.

Shawn coordinates the overall SLP for the System and is responsible for:
* Planning the annual SLP workshop.
* Requesting member library suggestions for future SLP themes.
* Relaying member library input, needs, thoughts and concerns to the SLP planning committee.
* Distributing the SLP manuals to member libraries.
* Distributing graphic materials forms.
* Creating content for bookmarks, bibliographies and other bibliographic information that is sent to the graphics consultant.
* Coordinating the Pizza Hut program for Dane, Green, Sauk and Columbia Counties. Adams, Wood and Portage County Pizza Hut restaurants are individual franchises and do not participate in the SLP program at this time. (But we're trying to work with them!)
* Providing program support materials. See brochure and web site
* Coordinating financial reimbursement for state material orders for incentive items.
* Coordinating special consolidated orders, such as puppet orders.
* Coordinating performer payments for libraries to assist with the cost of hiring performers, to rent public performance videos or to take special field trips.
* Coordinating performer evaluations.
* Coordinating evaluations of the entire Summer Library Program. We collect information on the success of the program, the usefulness of System support, and qualitative and quantitative information.
* Publicity assistance
* Providing answers for all your questions regarding the SLP. If I don't have the answers at hand, I'll find them for you!
* Coordinating the responsibilities of other SCLS staff. This is a cooperative project. Heidi Moe is a key player in coordinating all the support SCLS provides for the Summer Library Program. She can be reached here.


Deb Haeffner 608-246-4686
Contact Deb for questions regarding the graphics SCLS creates for the state-sponsored SLP theme.
Deb is responsible for:
* Creating brochures that describe SLP library events.
* Creating flyers that promote performers or other programs offered by libraries.
* Creating coloring sheets, bookmarks, incentive pieces, teen reading records and Internet logs, extra title sheets and all other graphics goodies.
* Contact Deb if you have innovative ideas or questions regarding the graphics that you distribute during your Summer Library Program.


Story prop kits and Ellison/Accu-Cut Booking
Jeff Grandt-Turke 608-267-1964 or by e-mail
Contact Jeff for questions regarding scheduling story prop kits and the Ellison/Accu-Cut die rotation. See information about these materials on the SCLS web site.


Big books
Shawn Brommer - 608-246-7974
Contact Shawn for questions or concerns regarding the big books. See information in program support brochure or the SCLS web site.


Public Performance Videos
Shawn Brommer - 608-246-7974
These videos are listed on LINK. See information in program support brochure or the web site, or contact Shawn.


Expectations for Member Libraries
(Or how you can help your colleagues and SCLS!)
* Meet Deadlines. Please meet the deadlines for graphics orders, requests for publicity and, most especially, deadlines for the performers' contracts. Meeting individual deadlines assists all member libraries' requests.
* Proof your publicity and orders and contact us right away if there are errors.
* Please contact SCLS if there is a problem. During the crazy, chaotic, creative months before SLP the SCLS staff are extremely busy and we just might make a mistake. Please contact Shawn Brommer as soon as you notice the problem and we'll do our best to happily remedy the error. Please contact us as soon as possible with any problems.
* Complete evaluation forms. The evaluation forms provide crucial statistical information that justifies the services that SCLS provides to member libraries. Your input on the evaluation forms directly impacts the services your library receives.
* Contact Shawn Brommer with any success stories, thoughts, concerns, questions, comments or problems at any time during the summer. Please remember that we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact SCLS staff at any time. Have a great summer; working together, we can make some new, happy library memories!

For more information, contact: