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About the New Building


Currently SCLS leases two buildings; an administration building and a delivery facility. The leases have escalated in costs over the years and both leases will be expiring in 2023. Though SCLS is a tax exempt organization, it pay taxes through leases which are   less than optimal for SCLS. By building one shared facility, SCLS would not be paying taxes, through rent, the mortgage would be a set amount and SCLS would gain a physical and fiscal asset.

Since 2018 SCLS has been discussing ways to:

  • Find economies of scale and efficiency within its operations
  • Save money
  • Combine both the SCLS administration and delivery operations under one roof to facilitate team work, eliminate redundant tasks and create a more unified corporate culture

While some staff work remotely, on site attendance is needed for various services. A physical site is required for administrative staff working on site, facilities to house the data center and public meeting rooms plus delivery services with its 20 vehicles and sorting facilities cannot be provided remotely.

Building Needs Assessment Work Group (BNAW)

The SCLS Building Needs Assessment Work Group (BNAW) was formed in 2018 to research and recommend to the SCLS Board of Trustees, SCLS staff and member libraries the most efficient and cost effective facility/facilities to best serve all departments and customers of the future SCLS organization. BNAW serves as a forum for discussion and decision–making concerning SCLS facilities including location, size, cost and function while realizing that authority for building and land purchases rests with the system board.

The BNAW’s recommendation to build a new combined facility that supports the SCLS staff and member libraries’ needs is being implemented with the purchase of 4.12 acres of land in Dane County. The assigned address is 2801 Walton Commons Lane, Madison (map).

The project is estimated to cost $7 million.  Ground breaking will occur in the summer of 2022 with completion scheduled for summer 2023.