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Conference CE Grant Guidelines

  • Grant applications will be accepted ONLY when registration is open.
  • Applies to general conferences involving more than one day of programs sponsored by the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA), American Library Association (ALA) and its divisions, Rural Library Association, UW Madison iSchool Continuing Education, regional subject-focused organizations, and adjacent state association conferences.
  • Maximum amounts:
    • In-state conferences (WLA, WAPL, etc.) - $300 per individual request.
    • Out of state conferences (ALA, PLA, etc.) - $400 per individual request.
  • All funds awarded will be counted against a library's annual grant limit.
  • All guidelines from the SCLS CE Grants General Guidelines apply to conference grants.



SCLS member public libraries may apply to use CE Grant funds to help fund a speaker, presenter, or trainer for a staff in-service or training program. This is a matching grant. SCLS will pay 50% of the trainer's fees and expenses up to a maximum of $400. Funds awarded will count towards a library's annual grant limit.

  • Request for funds must occur before the training is completed
  • SCLS will pay the library. The library is responsible for paying the trainer.
  • Library will complete and submit a Training Grant Application
  • Library will submit a copy of the contract with trainer (or use this Trainer Contract) to Jean Anderson at SCLS
  • Payment will be made to the library, not the trainer
  • Funds may not be used for other meeting costs, i.e. staff time, refreshments, or prizes
  • Library will complete a grant evaluation within 30 days of the program's completion


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