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Delivery Committee Charge

The Delivery Committee (DC) focuses on the SCLS delivery service.  The charge of the DC shall be:


  1. Serves as a forum for discussion and decision-making concerning delivery issues and services.
  2. Oversees long-range delivery planning and recommends elements for inclusion in SCLS annual planning efforts.
  3. Determines procedures and makes recommendations to Administrative Council for policy changes and delivery projects with budget implications.
  4. Creates working groups as required.  Participation on working groups will not be limited to committee members.
  5. Makes recommendations concerning annual budget.


Meetings of the DC shall be held a minimum of two times per year and additional meetings may be held at the call of the SCLS Director, the Delivery Services Coordinator, or as requested by committee members.  DC representatives may attend meetings by videoconference or other electronic means as approved by the group. A quorum of at least a majority of the representatives will be required at each meeting.

Any member library staff can attend any meeting of the DC to address the committee.  They can also ask their representative, the Delivery Coordinator, or the SCLS Director, to add an item to the agenda.


There will be 10 library members of the DC.  All members will be elected as representatives of a cluster of libraries (with Madison's director or designee representing 3 clusters and Dane County Library Service's director or designee representing 2 clusters). DC representatives will serve two-year terms with 50% of seats open for election in any given year.

The SCLS Director, the Delivery Services Coordinator, and the Delivery Operations Manager will serve as non-voting members of the committee.  Other SCLS staff may attend meetings as appropriate.



Elections will occur annually beginning in September.  Candidates can be nominated by any library in their cluster or can be self-nominated.  Each library will have one vote in the election, cast by the director or their designee. Elections for cluster representatives will be completed no later than November 1st.  New members of the DC will be seated in January.  

If a majority of the members of a cluster believe that their elected representative has not represented them adequately, they may submit a recall petition to the SCLS Director.   To be valid, the recall petition must contain the library names and directors’ signatures of at least 51% of the members of the cluster and must identify the name of the person whose removal is being sought.  Only one recall petition may be filed during each two year term and only after the representative has held that seat for at least six months.

SCLS, upon receipt of such a petition, shall immediately notify the subject of the recall, and, within 20 days time, initiate a special election.  Candidates for the seat can be nominated by any library in the cluster.  Unless the representative sought to be recalled resigns within that time period, his/her name shall automatically be placed on the ballot.   The election shall be concluded within 30 days of its initiation.   The incumbent shall continue to perform the duties of the position until the recall election has been completed.  If the incumbent is re-elected, he/she shall continue in the office for the remainder of the unexpired term; if another nominee is elected, that individual will serve the remainder of the unexpired term.

If a representative resigns during their term, an election will occur immediately for the seat, according to the process used for annual elections. The newly elected representative will serve the remainder of the unexpired term.



SCLS staff will serve as chair and secretary to the DC. 


Motions will be approved by majority vote of those present with each cluster having one vote.

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