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SCLS Delivery Special Requests

Special requests are delivery services provided to Wisconsin Libraries Delivery Service Network members which are beyond the scope of day-to-day SCLS Delivery operations.  Examples include large volume box transfers, donation pick-ups, stops made at locations not on regular routes, and large or bulky item delivery.

Special Requests require prior authorization from SCLS Delivery Staff. Inquiries should be sent to Brad Guenther, SCLS Delivery Special Requests Supervisor, (608) 266-6039 or by e-mail.

Cost-recovery fees may be required for extra staff time and mileage costs.

The General Special Request Form should be used to submit your request. Please allow at least three days from the time of your request to arrange staff availability and schedule extra runs. Staff will contact the request sender to confirm schedules.

Other requests

Routine delivery requests, such as extra red baskets, routing tags, item labels, or any other timely requests should be directed to the SCLS Delivery General e-mail, or the SCLS Delivery Requests line, (608) 266-6039.   The general e-mail and requests phone line are monitored on a daily basis. When in doubt, please use these channels.

Requests for materials distribution can be made via the Wisconsin Libraries' Distribution Service.

For more information, contact: