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Database Renewals - Timeline and Commitment

July 1: By this date, all libraries will receive information from WiLS about databases that they currently subscribe to via an email with a list that includes:

  • Which databases (if any) the library subscribes to
  • An estimate of what it will cost the library to renew those same databases if all subscribing libraries continue to subscribe (approximately 5%)
  • The opportunity to add database(s) that other SCLS libraries subscribe to
  • Trials for new databases are available upon request (contact WiLS for more information)

July - October

  • Verify that your library received your renewal list
  • Contact WiLS with any questions
  • Conduct trials for new databases
  • Review statistics for the previous year
  • Libraries will receive a reminder email from WiLS with upcoming deadlines
  • NOTE: Resources requiring SIP authentication require a longer setup time. Please notify SCLS no later than September 1 to ensure that authentication is ready by the typical January 1 subscription start date.

October 1: DEADLINE in order for WiLS to calculate final pricing

  • All libraries must let WiLS know which current databases they intend to renew for the following year
  • Libraries must let WiLS know any new databases they will be adding for the next calendar year
  • These decisions are considered final
  • WiLS will work with vendors and libraries to negotiate pricing and calculate the final amount due from each library

November 1

  • Libraries will have final pricing in MyWiLS for the following year

November 15: DEADLINE

  • Libraries need to login to MyWiLS to:
    • Choose their invoicing preference
      • Invoice now means the library will receive an invoice within two weeks
      • Invoice later means the library must choose a date to be invoiced (i.e. January 1)

November 15 - January 1

  • No new database subscriptions will be added during these dates to allow time for the annual renewal process. Subscriptions may be added any other time during the year. If subscribing through WiLS, they will work with the vendor to prorate the subscriptions for a January 1 renewal.

January: Libraries may receive invoices from WiLS for databases for the current year

For more information, contact: