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Request for New Technology Service process

This process will work for any type of service, from PC software to hardware to new applications.

  • A library has a new request and submits it to SCLS Technology Services.
  • The Tech Team will evaluate the request to see if it fits into an existing service, can be deployed easily and quickly and/or to see if there is a workaround.
  • If the request is for a completely new service, someone from Technology Services will get back to the library and suggest that it be presented to the Technology Committee for additional evaluation.
  • The cluster reps may take the idea back to their clusters for additional input and potential approval at the next TC. This could be done via email to expedite the input process.
  • If the TC approves the idea, the TC would then need to prioritize the new service along with others.


  • Approved at the June 12, 2013, Technology Services Meeting
  • revised January 14, 2015