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SSL Certificate Management

SSL certificates make HTTPS websites possible

SCLS recommends SSL certificates for all library websites and provides SSL certificate management for all sites hosted by SCLS.

Why HTTPS is important

When a visitor uses an HTTPS website, their request and any information communicated back and forth to the website (like username/password or other confidential content), are encrypted to protect it from being intercepted by someone else.

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Which websites should use HTTPS?

Traditionally used by banks and ecommerce providers to protect financial and credit card information, HTTPS is becoming a best practice for all websites of all types. Modern browsers are beginning to flag non-HTTPS websites as “not secure.”

HTTPS and older web browsers

Websites that are secured with modern TLS and strong encryption are not compatible with nonsecure software. Patrons with older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 8 or older) may be unable to access websites served as HTTPS. This is becoming rarer and may be avoided entirely by upgrading to the latest version of any major browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.).

Certificate Purchasing

SCLS purchases SSL certificates on behalf of member libraries for all sites hosted by SCLS.

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