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Weeding by Shelf Location (Bibliovation Reports)

How often: 
On Demand

Report type: On Demand

Run on: On Demand

Run for: Period selected by the library

About the report: This is a version of the same weeding report the libraries can get through the Weeding Report Request form, only the libraries can run this report at any time. The reports can be exported into Excel for easy manipulation.

This version of the report asks you for the Shelf Location instead of the Collection Code.  If you only want specific collection codes inside of the shelving location, you'll need to filter them out in Excel. 

ITYPE and Date Added are always on the report.  Total LINK Copies and Total LINK Holds are not available on this version of the report. If you need the total copies or total holds information, please submit a Weeding Report Request form.

Instructions for the weeding report

Bibliovation Reports FAQ