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ILL Subcommittee Charge

The SCLS Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Subcommittee – under the auspices of the Administrative Council – focuses on activities that contribute to an efficient and effective ILL system not only among SCLS member libraries but also between SCLS member libraries and libraries throughout Wisconsin and the United States.


Examples of specific tasks and roles for this subcommittee include, but are not limited to:

  1. Regularly review and recommend revisions to the resource sharing portion of the SCLS Technology Plan
  2. Review and recommend revisions of system-wide ILL policies and procedures
  3. Share ILL tips and “best practices” among SCLS member libraries
  4. Actively seek input from SCLS member libraries regarding ILL issues
  5. Identify training needs for SCLS member libraries regarding ILL practices
  6. Recommend ILL-related continuing education programs (including identifying speakers, etc.) to SCLS CE Consultant
  7. Evaluate, as necessary, alternative methods, software, etc. for the provision of ILL resources for SCLS member libraries
  8. Plan and implement an annual ILL Users Group meeting for SCLS member libraries
  9. Explore any other such ILL-related matters as the subcommittee deems necessary
  10. Serve as the forum for discussion of resource sharing issues among SCLS member libraries
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