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ILL Subcommittee Members


  • Joan Wheeler - Baraboo PL (Sauk County)
  • Whitney Parrillo, Hutchinson Memorial Library (Columbia County)
  • Nancy Myers - Monroe Public Library (Green County)
  • Jenny Carr - Middleton Public Library (Dane County)
  • Autumn Baumann - Portage Public Library (Columbia County)
  • Diane Casselberry - Portage County Public Library, Stevens Point (Portage County)
  • Marylu Silka - Adams County Public Library (Adams County)
  • Cindy Stankey – Sun Prairie Public Library (Dane County)
  • Natalie Kruse - Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library (Wood County)
  • Eric Norton - McMillan Public Library, Wisconsin Rapids (Wood County)
  • Kathy Wolkoff and Emily Wilcox - Madison Public Library – ILL / OLL Clearinghouse
  • Tim Drexler - SCLS Delivery
  • Heidi Oliversen – SCLS ILS
  • Jean Anderson - SCLS



Subcommittee Composition
Membership on this subcommittee is open to staff of SCLS member libraries with ILL responsibilities.  The subcommittee will have 7 to 11 members selected in the following manner:

  • Each of the seven counties within SCLS will be asked to select a library to represent them.  In counties where there are both LINKcat and nonLINK libraries, the county may select both a LINKcat and non-LINK library.  A county that declines to select a representative will remain unrepresented; however, subcommittee members will still actively seek input from the libraries in that county.
  • Subcommittee members will serve two year terms.  Because this is a new subcommittee, initially half of the members will be asked to serve a three-year term in order that the terms can be staggered.  Selection of who will serve three-year terms will be entirely random.
  • A representative from the Madison Public Library ILL staff (as SCLS’ Resource Library) will be a standing member
  • The SCLS Continuing Education Consultant will serve as the primary staff liaison.  Other SCLS staff liaisons will be one representative each from the ILS / LINK staff and Delivery staff.
  • A Chair of the subcommittee will be elected annually.  Responsibility for taking minutes of meetings will be rotated among the subcommittee members.  Minutes will be posted to the SCLS website.
  • ILL practitioners in all SCLS member libraries are welcome to attend any ILL Subcommittee meeting as well as contribute topics to be addressed by the subcommittee.
For more information, contact: