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New Director Orientation: Services for Member Libraries


Forty-eight of SCLS's 54 member libraries have chosen to participate in an shared online catalog, or Integrated Library System (ILS) called LINKcat. These libraries pay annual fees to be members of the catalog, and are indicated by an asterisk (*) in the Directory.

ILS staff offer support [password required] for LINKcat libraries, including a Help Desk, Status Wiki, online manuals, workshops, and documentation.

Libraries that are not participants in the ILS who are interested in doing so should contact Martha Van Pelt, SCLS Director or Vicki Teal Lovely, Technology Services Coordinator.


PC and peripheral support: All supported PCs are part of the SCLS network and participate in sharing the cost of this support. NonLINKcat libraries that choose not to participate in the cost sharing will be responsible for independently securing and funding their computer support.

Website services: Rose Ziech, Web Services Specialist, will provide support and expertise in maintaining your library's web pages. SCLS uses Drupal as our content management platform.

MyPC is time management software for public access computers, to which SCLS member libraries may choose to subscribe, for a fee. Support and documentation are available. Libraries interested in subscribing should contact the Help Desk.

Other services: E-rate & fltering, Email, Network, Wireless. See the Technology Services page for more information.

Shared online databases

Member libraries subscribe to a variety of online databases. SCLS pays the WiLS Cooperative Purchasing subscription fee for member libraries. By joining together, through WiLS, libraries are able to get better pricing than if they subscribed on their own. To initiate a process so your library can try a new database, follow the Guidelines and Procedures for Library-Requested Trials. Your library will receive pricing notices and bills directly from WiLS.

In addition to the databases your library subscribes to, every library has access to a suite of databases through the state BadgerLink project.

SCLS consultants can assist with you with questions about the shared databases:

Jean Anderson Continuing Education Consultant  Database training
    Promoting your databases
Tim Drexler Data Services Consultant Usage statistics
Brian Hahn Software Support Specialist Authentication


SCLS maintains a delivery service for SCLS member libraries, and libraries in most of the state of Wisconsin. Delivery costs are shared by SCLS, member libraries, and member counties. Information about routes, guidelines, shipping labels, and more are available. Contact Delivery staff with questions or for information.

Interlibrary Loan

SCLS contracts with Madison Public Library to act as the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Clearinghouse for the System. Madison refers to Interlibrary Loan as "Outerlibrary Loan" ("OLL"), and uses WorldCat Resource Sharing (WRS) from OCLC as the primary method for lending and borrowing materials. Most member libraries use WRS to borrow materials, as if they were a library patron. Help and Documentation are available.

Member libraries should check their own catalog (if not a LINKcat library), and LINKcat before using WorldCat ILL. NonLINKcat libraries should follow the process and guidelines for requesting items via LINKcat, before using WorldCat ILL. All libraries should follow the ILL process [password required], which includes a link to WorldCat Resource Sharing.

The ILL website and the scls-ill email list are sources of information. Every library must have at least one staff member subscribed to the scls-ill email list.

Statistics: NonLINKcat libraries must complete the ILL statistics form by the 10th of each month with the data from the previous month. (Statistics for LINKcat libraries are taken from monthly circulation reports.) This data is shared with the SCLS Board at their monthly meetings.

Contacts: For more information about ILL, contact Jean Anderson. For information about using WorldCat to place requests, or to check on the status of WorldCat requests, contact Madison Public Library Interloan by phone (608-266-6302) or email.

Backup Reference

The Madison Public library, as SCLS resource library, can assist with reference questions and information needs. Contact the Madison Reference Desk at 608-266-6350, or by email.


Wisconsin law charges library boards with the responsibility of operating libraries. It is the director's job to ensure that library boards are well-trained, and aware of their duties. The SCLS web page provides resources to help orient new library board trustees, or your board as a whole. Trustee Update is a newsletter published quarterly (in February, May, August, and November) containing information to help library trustees perform their jobs. It is sent to library trustees’ home addresses. It is important that your library board trustees each have a copy of Trustee Essentials from DPI.

Information and links to resources to assist you with various management issues are available from the SCLS "Management" page and its sub-pages. Topics include Hiring, Friends, Policies, Budgets and more. DPI's Administrative Essentials (in progress) is a handbook for Wisconsin public library directors.

Each year public libraries are required to file an annual report to the state. The report is filed online, and there are very specific instructions, guidelines, and deadlines for completing it. SCLS is able to provide you with some of the information you need, but much of it will come from your own records, and your municipality. We offer an annual webinar on filing the report.

Contact: For consultation or assistance with library management issues such as the state annual report, preparing budget requests, county budgets, compliance with state library law, Friends groups, trustees (and more), as well as general issues when you aren't sure who to contact, contact Mark Ibach, Consulting Services Coordinator.

Public Relations / Marketing / Advocacy

SCLS can help you promote your library and the services it offers, and assist you in working with your supporters to become advocates for your library. Much help and information is available in the Online PR Toolkit and Online Advocacy Toolkit. We also maintain a list of library supporters who have expressed willingness to speak up for libraries.

Online Update, a newsletter with news about the SCLS library community, is published biweekly. Please send your news (staff changes, news, celebrations, etc.) to Mark Ibach. Online Update is intended for library staff, not library patrons.

Contact: For more information about public relations, marketing, and advocacy, or for a list of people from your community who are willing to speak up for libraries, contact Mark Ibach, Consulting Services Coordinator.

Graphics Services

There are a number of print materials (such as business cards, brochures, signs, stationery, and more!) SCLS can help member public libraries design and print, many at little or no charge. For more information, please see the guidelines.

Contact: For more information about graphics services, contact Deb Haeffner, Building and Design Consultant.

Building Services

Deb Haeffner can provide consultation for member public libraries about their facility, including space planning/rearrangement/remodeling for existing buildings, and assistance in planning for new buildings. Deb maintains a list of architects with experience in library design.

Contact: For more information about building services, contact Deb Haeffner, Building and Design Consultant.

Youth Services / Literacy / Outreach

SCLS provides support and consultation for member libraries' youth services program and staff. This includes Summer Library Program (SLP) support, for which member libraries are eligible to receive funds to support youth literacy programming.

Contact: For more information about library services for youth, contact Shawn Brommer, Youth Services and Community Engagement Consultant. Shawn is also available for consultation and assistance with strategic planning, early literacy, adult literacy, ESL/ELL (English as a Second Language/English Language Learners) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities) topics and issues.

Professional Collection

Because we recognize your library can not afford to purchase every resource about libraries, library management, and the library profession, SCLS maintains a small collection of professional materials to help you run your library. These items are available in LINKcat, and you may place holds on them. If you would like to recommend an item for purchase, contact Jean Anderson, Continuing Education Consultant. We also maintain a small collection of professional journals which are routed to interested libraries. Use the online form to add or remove your library from the routing list of any journal. For information or questions about routing lists, contact Kayla Linke, Metadata Specialist. For questions about the Professional Collection, or to recommend titles for the Collection, including professional journals, contact Jean Anderson, Continuing Education Consultant.

Public Programming Support

Perhaps the best way to get ideas for library programs to offer for the public is to network with other libraries. For Adult Programming, SCLS offers the Adult Programming email list. For Youth Programming, SCLS offers the Kidslist and Teentalk email lists.

SCLS owns a variety of maker kits, game packages, computer, audiovisual, and other equipment that member public libraries can request to use for patron/staff training and programs. Equipment is intended for in-library use only.

For more information, contact: